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The Unknown Ghosts

TUG Ravenshield Server *UPDATE*

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As promised and after some initial testing - I have now put up a TUG Ravenshield Server Status page on the tug website, it can be accessed here - http://www.clan-tug.com/serverstatus/tug.php


It'll show all server details & current map, players, weapons, etc.


But the really cool thing about it is the REMOTE ADMIN link at the top right.


Click on this and you can do some nice things to the server without even having to start Ravenshield.


The best bit is being able to restart the server, sending messages to players in-game & being able to KICK & BAN players & change maps.


This is especially good if you can't get into the server cos it is full and want to make room for yourself.


Just make sure you select the correct option from the drop down list & put the remote admin password in.


Most of you knwo what the admin password is and if not then PM me and I'll let you know. :)


Have fun and let me know how it goes and if there's any problems.

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This evening I have updated the TUG Ravenshield Server to 1.3


I've been playing on it for about 30 mins and it seems very stable - also nice to have the server full within about 5 minutes of me restarting it. :)


The web page at - www.clan-tug.com/tat/ - still works and you can people off or change maps, etc


Have fun - any problems then let me know - thanks.

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My server will be down for a couple of days while I check out some problems with it.


Yesterday it kept rebooting - when I got home and checked inside the CPU heatsink was red hot, so I went and got a new 2600+ AMD processor. It ran for a bout an hour with the case side off and then did a reboot too.


I think something has got damaged by heat - maybe the memory or motherboard - I'll have to investigate over the next couple of days.


Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly - I'll just go buy another motherboard and memory. :)

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I have made a couple of mods to the server set-up today.


1. Changed back to 4 rotations per map - instead of Rotate on Success.

2. Turned on Team Kill Penalty - now if you kill someone - they get to make you sit out next round. :)

3. Armpatches are still off - will turn on when new patch is out. 1.31

4. Ghost Camera is still off - will maybe turn this on again once I've established it isnt causing lag.


I also tested a new map yesterday - Subway v1.2 - it's cool and works in Co-op Terrorist Hunt - so I think I'll put it on this week.


I'll upload on these forums for you all to link from - it's only 4/5 megs compressed.


Watch this space. :)


If you can think of any other problems then please let me know, thanks.

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You may or may not have noticed that the TUG RvS server was not available this afternoon. :(


I got home from work and checked the machine and it had completely locked - even when I did a reboot it wouldnt boot.


So I took the motherboard back to PC World and got a new one. :)


Hopefully it should now be stable again.


I've also upgraded it to the following:


1. AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (FSB:333)

2. 512MB PC3200 (DDR:333)


So it should fly along now.


I'm also putting the following maps onto the server.


1. Subway 1.2 - Download here

2. Canals of Venice - Download here

3. Olsons Estate - Download here


Let me know if you have any problems, thanks.

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by the way beav as at 1922070703Z the TUG server is still down.


And by the way it crashed this afternoon at about 3pm, i was watching some guy on observer who was a bit suspicious, and he threw a nade through a window and it didnt explode, then about a min later the server crashed.


By suspicious i mean he ran into a room with 4 tangos in it and somehow managed to kill everyone without getting hit.......................his name was COOL.

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