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  1. Responsible for the all-out war soundscape of Battlefield, the award-winning audio team at DICE has had its hands full for the past two years making Battlefield 4 sound just right. In this installment of “The Road to Battlefield 4”, our audio experts discuss everything from field recordings of naval units to metaphorical Spaghetti Bolognese. Try imagining Battlefield without its collective soundscape. You quickly realise how crucial the shouts of squad members, the bullet cracks, jets roaring, or just the sound of your soldier vaulting over a concrete slab, are for the overall Battlefield experience. With several BAFTA, GANG and AIAS awards under their belt, the DICE audio team was confident in taking on Battlefield 4 – but there were many new challenges along the way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0J2S2pgmAs Behind-the-scenes video of the Battlefield 4 audio team doing field recordings. The Battlefield audio team consists of many different divisions. Voice-overs, the sounds of your soldier, Levolution moments, and map ambience all play a part in the soundscape. To shed light on the many elements of Battlefield 4’s sound design, we hand over to Ben Minto (Audio Director), Mari Saastamoinen Minto (Lead Sound Designer), Andreas Almström (Lead Sound Designer), Viktor Israelsson (VO Designer) and Ludvig Kullberg (VO Producer). Approaching the Sounds of Battlefield 4As an audio team, we have accumulated great experience in sound design by working on DICE’s previous titles. When a new project comes along, we know we have to evolve but we are confident we are up to the task thanks to our experience. Approaching Battlefield 4 however, many new challenges have presented themselves with features like Levolution, Commander Mode, and Naval Warfare. Take the falling skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai for example: to achieve something like that, we can’t just get a sound of a collapsing building and add that to the level. We have to find out what it sounds like from different distances. What does it sound like if you’re hundreds of metres away, or actually on top of it? We also need to figure out how the entire map sounds before the building goes down, and what the aftermath sounds like. You can actually tell whether the skyscraper is still there or not, just by listening to the overall character of the soundscape. The team responsible for the sounds of Battlefield 4, just days away from the launch of the game. Another vital part of the new audio is the recording of water-based sounds, these have to be up to the same level of quality as those we already have for air and land combat. We needed to gather new sounds for swimming, diving, drowning, water-based combat and much more connected to water. The drowning sounds took a bit of experimenting. Many audio designers make the mistake of using too much to simulate drowning, which produces a cartoonish sound that just makes you laugh. Our audio director, Ben Minto, was convinced that in order to accurately capture the sound of drowning he needed to fill his mouth, nose and throat with water and then cover the mouth and nose to stop the breathing. It was quite painful to force water around in your system like that, as though you are gasping for non-existent air. It took some time but it was worth it. Those sounds really felt right in the end. Playing Better Thanks to SoundOne of the most important parts of sound in Battlefield 4 is the information it gives you as a player. Your line of sight in the game can only gives you 60-70 degrees of the panorama, but sound is all around you. So it’s our job to fill in the gaps of information. If you can hear a tank behind you, you can decide to run into a building to hide or run to find more ammo for your RPG. It’s about giving players information so they can make decisions. We don’t want to make it like a pinball game with effects like “DING! You got 10 000 points!”, though. You should have to work a little bit for the information. By making people listen for sounds like enemies running up stairs or deploying a tripod, they engage more, they take part, they listen and filter for information. The Battlefield should be readable through the sound that is happening. Waves crashing, engines roaring, and guns blazing. All these sound sources are mixed in real-time to give the player an immersive and informative soundscape. Bullet sounds also give you information of the Battlefield, and we can honestly say that those impress us almost daily, even though we’ve worked with them for several years. The impact of the bullets, the sound of the ricochets… being in a gunfight still seems fresh when we play the game thanks to the quality of the recordings, and all the variations. Personal, Varied and CloseIf there’s one major difference in the audio for Battlefield 4, it’s the fact that it’s more personal and close to the soldier than ever before. We’ve worked a lot with sounds related to the soldier’s clothes, helmet and other gear. The sound of rain, for example, has been expanded this time around. Now you will hear rain, or water from indoor sprinklers, actually dripping on your helmet. To achieve these sounds, we’ve done everything from standing with a helmet in the shower to walking around in real rain with microphones tucked in our hoods. Recording the “soldier” in Battlefield 4 – basically the sounds of us wearing a military vest – was done from scratch by running around with the vest in different environments. A lot of time was spent just on choosing the right kind of fabric for the vest, to get that modern, rustling sound. There are also a ton of variations of sounds like these. Take the sound of the solider vaulting, for example. There is around ten variations of vault, and these in turn have their own pitch variations. And variety is one of the mantras for Battlefield 4. Every time something happens in-game, it should sound as unique as possible. The maps themselves also have sounds of their own and we try to give all the Battlefield 4 maps their own unique and realistic tone, based on their environments. Right now we’re working together with the audio team at DICE LA on the new Caspian Border in Second Assault, the upcoming Battlefield 4 expansion, and we need some fitting bird sounds. For Caspian Border in Battlefield 3, we used sounds from swallows that exist in the real Caspian area. But in Second Assault it’s autumn, so we want birds with a more autumn-like sound. We’ve found a bird called Caspian Snowcook, but we’ve already used that in the Alborz Mountain map, so the bird hunt goes on… You can really immerse yourself in things like these as a sound designer. The sound of a rocket launcher being fired differs a lot in characteristic depending on where you are on the map, and what other sounds exist in your vicinity. There are also a lot of personal sounds in Battlefield. If there’s an elevator or an alarm in the game, we use the sounds of the elevators and alarms here at DICE for the recordings. When we go on holiday, like when DICE went to Dubai, we record sounds to get exotic birds or the sounds of the desert. That makes it more unique for the player, and more personal for the sound designers who work here. All these kinds of details may feel like small steps forward, and there’s often a lot of work behind a small step. But they all take you closer to sound that’s really believable. Real-Time Mixing and Spaghetti BologneseIt’s hard do give an exact number of how many sounds we have in total, but there are easily over a million files in the DICE sound library: anything from a piece of metal hitting the floor to hour-long recordings of tanks. But the number of audio files isn’t really that relevant. Since we’re using real-time mixing with the help of the Frostbite Engine, the variations of each sound become even greater. The sound of a pistol being fired varies depending on where you are on the map, and the game engine helps us calculate this. An analogy would be that we don’t serve spaghetti bolognese, we create the basic ingredients – pasta, tomatoes, minced meat etc. – and then inside Frostbite we create the recipe, but with an built-in chance for there to be lots of variations in how they are combined. Different sound variations of one weapon being fired on the Battlefield. This requires a lot of play testing since there are many combinations of sounds appearing in multiplayer that we can’t predict. As we said, we give players all the basic ingredients, we give them a map and release 64 players into it – and they create mayhem. We can’t test every possible sound permutation beforehand, so we are sometimes surprised how some sounds in multiplayer turn out. In these playtests we need to ask ourselves a lot of questions. What does it sound like when I’m indoors and a tank drives across and smashes a building across the street? Was there too much glass? Was the bass level too high? Did it feel scary? Is my pistol louder than the tank driving through that building – and should it be? Can I still hear the person that’s sneaking up behind to stab me? Checking things like this takes time, and that’s why many of the sound designers here have over 200 hours of Battlefield 4 playtime. Recording on the FieldWe’ve recorded a lot of the Battlefield 4 sounds in the studio, but of course there’s always the need for field recordings. In the most recent one, we recorded weapons here in Sweden, which became the base of the Battlefield 4 weapon sounds. It’s a huge plus to do your own recordings, since it gives us the control of all the microphones and such. There are recordings that you can buy, but they are recorded with a different mindset, and are mainly designed for movies. We know what versions of sounds will work in the game, that’s why we need the control that own recordings bring. Voice actors on our “Field of Screams”, working hard to perfect the tone of the Battlefield 4 battle cries. All different kinds of people here in Sweden have been very helpful by letting us do our field recordings. We’ve been helped by both people with access to military hardware, but also by swimming pools that lend us their facilites and go “sure, we’ll close the pool down for the afternoon so you can practise drowning each other”. That’s been a pleasure. The Voices Behind the SoldiersThe voice-over work is another huge part of the sound design in Battlefield 4 and the need for world-class, believable VO – both in single player and multiplayer – can’t be underestimated. We’ve been working with a great cast for Battlefield 4, and the actors have done loads of research on their characters. It’s impressive to see how the actors really become their characters; Michael K Williams is Irish, Andrew Lawrence is Pac, and so on. In multiplayer, it’s a different kind of drama. Even though we use voice-over actors here too, the drama is created by the players, since they often have the power of when the characters speak thanks to the Commo Rose. It’s easy to think that all the voice-over lines consist of screams and hectic dialouge. Sure, since the lines are spoken on a battlefield, a lot of the voices are of course urgent and noisy. If someone’s throwing a grenade, when it’s a matter of life and death, the tone is going to be hectic. But if someone throws you a medkit or revives you, the tone is calmer. So there’s more variety than you might think. The cast of the Battlefield 4 single player campaign, doing voice-over and motion capture work. To get that exact temperature and intensity of the actor’s lines is probably the most important part of voice-over work. For example, doing VO for Commander Mode was a real challenge. We wanted to find a tone of voice that wasn’t as intense as the tone of the soldiers fighting on the Battlefield. The sound of a Commander should of course be urgent, but at the same time controlled. The actors nailed it in the end, and by giving the Commander another type of radio sound characteristic, that audio really became distinctive. The Birth Cry of the BattlefieldThe absolute best thing of being part of the Battlefield 4 audio team is something that’s yet to come – and that’s the release of Battlefield 4. Just for the audio department, over 15 people have been working their butts off and doing levels and levels of intricate work during the last couple of years. Even though we work close to each other, we haven’t heard everything that’s been done. To experience all the love, effort and little details that are in the final game – that will be a fantastic part of the process. Experiencing Battlefield 4 going live with real players, and hearing all their combined actions, is also going to be very exciting. We’ve simulated that in playtests, and we’ve experienced a lot in the Beta. But to be there when the final version come alive with real people, that’s where the joy comes out. It will be like watching a child unwrap christmas presents – and hearing what that sounds like. We hope you have enjoyed this post. Give us your opinions and let us know what you think about the Battlefield 4 audio in our poll below. The launch of Battlefield 4 is starting October 29, find out all you need to know of our biggest release ever on Battlefield.com. Stay tuned for more The Road to Battlefield 4! Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. View the full article
  2. With just one week to go before Battlefield 4 starts to hit the shelves and hard drives around the world, things are heating up at the DICE office. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrtwqDt0IEk While we’ve discussed multiplayer at length already, it’s time to give you another look at what the single player campaign in Battlefield 4 has to offer. Take a look at the Official Battlefield 4 Single Player Story Trailer, then let us know what you think in the comments section below. To learn more about Battlefield 4 and Prepare 4 Battle, visit our new Boot Camp section at battlefield.com. View the full article
  3. In this episode of ”The Road to Battlefield 4”, learn how we are guiding players to great team play, rewarding skill and dedication with ribbons, medals, Assignments, and more. Prepare 4 the biggest collection of rewards in a Battlefield game yet. With Battlefield 4, we are introducing our deepest online career ever. We are also tweaking it to make it rewarding for newcomers and challenging for returning veterans. While sharing similar basics with Battlefield 3, we are now offering a cleaner upgrade path, clearer Ribbon and Medal progression, and an increased focus on richly rewarding great team play. Read on for the full info on how you can earn 900 unique rewards in Battlefield 4, as detailed below by DICE Persistence Designer Valerian Noghin assisted by William Cooper. The quick fix and the long journey aheadWe know our fans can spend literally hundreds of hours on the Battlefield. With Battlefield 4, we want to make sure players have goals to aspire to at the end game, while at the same time rewarding players at earlier ranks as well. Ribbons are the quick fixes, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the series. You typically can get one or more of these in a single round if you perform well. They can be awarded for anything from repairing vehicles, capturing flags, or reviving team mates. There are 45 unique Ribbons in the game, and you can earn each of them an infinite number of times. Perhaps the biggest bragging right in Battlefield 4 is the Rank you achieve, from 0 (Recruit) to 100 (Colonel). Rank is strictly a number that shows your dedication to the game, and each Rank has five sub-ranks denoted by Roman numerals – similar to the system used by the U.S. Marines. So at Rank 16 you’ll hit “Sergeant”, with Rank 20 being “Sergeant V” and Rank 21 bringing a new title (“Staff Sergeant”). RANKS Earned at set scores total in multiplayer, goes from Rank 1 to 100. Ultimate goal: Reach Colonel 100. Your Rank is directly tied to your accumulated score throughout your multiplayer career, and is a way to represent the sum total you’ve accomplished so far. A very skilled player will rank up faster than an average player, but it also comes down to sheer time that you have dedicated to the Battlefield. Even if you hit the Colonel 100 Rank milestone, there are still new items to collect – we’re adding high-end Assignments that are only attemptable by high-rank characters, with unique rewards that let your friends know they’re dealing with one of the few elite veterans in the community. To make the progression path clearer, we’ve cleaned up a few quirks from Battlefield 3 while adding to the overall scope of the entire system. There’s never been more to do and more to discover, and it’s never been easier to understand how to earn everything there is to collect in the game. For Every Ribbon a MedalRIBBONS & MEDALS 45 Ribbons, tied to one Medal each. 45 Medals, tied to one Ribbon each Example: Attack Helicopter Medal – Receive 50 Attack Helicopter Ribbons. Every Ribbon in the game has a clearly corresponding Medal, usually awarded when you’ve earned 50 ribbons of one kind. And now more than ever, these Ribbons and Medals are more tailored to the unique characteristics of the four playable classes. Some of the Ribbons are only earnable by Recon, Support, Assault, and some by Engineer. Players who gravitate heavily towards one of these classes will automatically have a trophy cabinet that differs wildly from that of a player that hones in on one of the other kits. The concept of grabbing dog tags from other players in the game has been an exciting cat and mouse chase between players since Battlefield 3 and earlier in the series’ history. We’re now more clearly defining how the hundreds of dog tags obtainable are displayed in the game, and what they are used for. The left part of your dog tag is now more focused on who you are – this is where you’d display your country’s flag, your clan tag, or Rank. The right hand side dog tag is where you can display what you’ve achieved on the Battlefield. If you’ve got a knack for flying jets, your right dog tag could for example display your number of jet kills, which is dynamically updated to show your latest tally for everyone to admire. Service Stars are also returning in Battlefield 4. These are additional distinguishing marks that you get awarded for heavily investing in distinct areas of the game. Think of it as a sub-rank of sorts that takes much more dedication than Ribbons. If you’ve amassed a great accumulated score playing as an Engineer, you might be awarded an Engineer-specific Service Star. In a similar manner, getting great results with a specific weapon will earn you Service Stars for that weapon. This time around we’ve even included Service Stars for winning the available game modes. Note that only objective scoring and actually winning rounds will earn you Service Stars for game modes. So if you run into a player with one or more Obliteration Service Stars, you know you’re up against someone who knows what to do with the bomb that just spawned on the map. Scoring will show the waySERVICE STARS Shows dedication in specific areas. 130 unique Service Stars earnable. Each can be obtained 100 times, for a total of 13,000 attainable Service Stars. Example: Stealth Jet Service Star – Reach the end of the Stealth Jet unlock tree. There’s a role for everyone, and you can always play to your strengths in Battlefield 4. That said, one of the major design goals going into Battlefield 4 was to use the underlying scoring system itself both as a friendly guiding tool and as a strong incentive to great gameplay. Since your score is directly related to ranking up and gaining new weapons, gadgets, and accessories, this is where the foundation for the online career is set in place. The scoring system effectively allows us to influence all aspects of Battlefield 4 – from teamwork to playing the objective and the more strategic aspects of the game (such as the Commanders receiving points when their teams use the Supply Drop provided.) One new way that we are using scoring to incentivize playing the objective relates to flag capturing and arming objectives. Now, as soon as you attempt to capture a flag or arm an objective, the points will start ticking into your account, even if the overall attempt might fail. So if you are trying to reclaim a base but get killed just one second away from completing the capture, you’ll still be handsomely rewarded for the great attempt, for the risk you put yourself in, and for playing the objective. By contrast, doing the same in Battlefield 3 would have netted you 0 points if the flag was not at least neutralized. Similarly in Rush or the all-new Obliteration mode, simply starting to arm or disarm an objective will make the points roll in. While succeeding in the arm or disarm will naturally yield even greater sums, doing the right thing that actually drives the game mode forward will always be advantageous to your career progression. We’re also more greatly rewarding playing the objective this time around. So in Obliteration, you’ll be granted quite a large sum of points for doing pivotal actions like running with the bomb, arming it at an objective, or killing the enemy bomb carrier. It’s all part of an increased effort to drive each game mode to a distinctly different experience than the next one. ASSIGNMENTS Multi-layered tasks to perform. 45 multiplayer Assignments available, divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold. Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons. Example: Assault Combat Basic – Reach Rank 10, get 7 kills with Assault Rifles, get 11 Heals with Medkit. Another aspect of using scoring to promote great gameplay is tied to the new vehicle hit mechanics. In Battlefield 4, the way vehicles take damage from the Engineer’s RPG attacks is directly dependent on the angle of attack and the hit zone. The new ”top zone” on tanks, for example, is especially vulnerable to RPG attacks. By greatly rewarding attacks that deal heavy damage and letting players know how much damage they’ve dealt via the VEHICLE HIT message, the game will drive more and more players to try to achieve certain kinds of attacks. Over time, the full potential of anti-tank weapons will be discovered in a joint effort by the Battlefield community. You can learn more about anti-vehicle warfare and damage models in this earlier in-depth blog post. The concept of handsomely rewarding great gameplay is also highly relevant for Commanders. Scoring in itself is one of the major ways for Commanders to verify that they are making a critical impact in their team’s struggle on the Battlefield. The Commanders are naturally distanced from the ground fight (this is especially true for Mobile Commanders). The scoring system is a great means for letting them know they are performing well and helping their team out. A new concept in Battlefield 4 is that of KILL ASSIST COUNTS AS KILL. If you get a few shots in on an enemy but can’t manage the kill, you’ll still get awarded the kill if that enemy is later eliminated. The thought here is that if you’re contributing to your team you should be rewarded accordingly, since team play is at the core of Battlefield. In Battlefield 3, you could take down an enemy from 100 to 1 in health, then a friendly player would sometimes “rob” you of the kill by dealing the decisive shot. In Battlefield 4, we are instead rewarding both players with a kill and with a healthy dose of points. This means that players who put themselves in harm’s way at the frontlines are more likely to rack up decent scores even if they don’t manage to get a lot of regular kills. Overall, the scoring design in Battlefield 4 is meant to make everyone willing and able to contribute to the greater cause. Team play is one of the defining aspects of Battlefield 4, and with the new Field Upgrades system, we are making sure to reward team play specifically within your squad. A squad is a team of two to five players and you are free to join or leave a squad at any time on the fly like in Battlefield 3. Performing team actions within a squad will net you score towards your own progression, but will also benefit the entire squad. As your total score for squad actions in a round rises, you will move along an accumulative upgrade path that gives all squad members benefits like faster sprint, more grenades, or better cover from enemy spotting. But beware – if your entire squad is wiped, you’ll all lose the progress you’ve made. If you get the message “LAST MAN IN SQUAD” in-game, make sure to stay alive until your friends can respawn and rejoin the fight. You can learn more about Field Upgrades in this earlier blog post, where we asked our fans to vote for their favorite upgrade path. The winner, ”Shadow”, will be in the final game. Thanks to everyone who voted! A Knife for a Knife: Changing how Unlocks WorkWe have more weapons and accessories in Battlefield 4 than ever before. With that, we thought it was time to change how you actually get new hardware to play with. Now, weapons, gadgets, and accessories are awarded to you for using items from the same family in multiplayer. So if you’re all about shotgun action, using shotguns (and scoring with them) will unlock more shotguns and shotgun accessories for you to play with. Similarly, if you use a lot of sniper rifles and amass respectable scores with them, you will unlock more varieties of sniper rifles, scopes, and barrels for them. While there is an implied connection between LMGs and Support class or sniper rifles and Recon class, playing a class itself will not bring you new weapons. Killing, assisting and suppressing with a weapon will give you more unlocks from the same weapon class. One tweak to the progression system in Battlefield 4 based on fan feedback is that each class comes to battle better equipped from match one. The default weapons and vehicles will be starting with a few essential unlocks already from scratch to make sure the fight is balanced no matter when you join the game – right at launch or later. For example, what this means is that jets start with available flares, whereas in Battlefield 3 you had to struggle to unlock them, often in a hostile air space where other players had already unlocked flares and heat seekers. For your weapons in Battlefield 4, this means that starting assault rifles will have applicable grips available while LMGs have bipods from the get go, creating a game where the default class loadouts are both more unique and versatile from the get-go. Bronze, Silver, & Gold: Introducing BattlepacksAnother exciting element to Battlefield 4 progression is the concept of Battlepacks. Battlepacks are bundles of content that are awarded at certain Ranks. Think of them as a collection of items that are not hard-coded and will be granted at specific moments in your career. At certain ranks, you’ll get a handful of items, but you’ll never know exactly in what order you’ll receive them. If you played the Beta, you might have seen these in action already, since the first Battlepack is awarded to players at Rank 3 (and later at set intervals tied to your Rank.) Depending on your actual Rank, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack of either Bronze, Silver or Gold Rank. The value of the Battlepack decides the number of items you receive in the pack, as well as the chance to get something really rare. Items in Battlepacks include things like weapon accessories, weapon paints, vehicle paints, soldier camos, dog tags, XP boosts, and unique knife designs. The weapon accessories earnable in Battlepacks are not game-changing in any way, as they are simply cosmetic variants of accessories you can already unlock via the normal weapon progression. For example, if you use a specific rifle, you’ll eventually unlock the U.S. red dot sight for it. At the same time, you might earn a Battlepack with the Russian red dot sight for the same weapon. The special Weapon Battlepacks are awarded for each weapon after completing all its regular unlocks. Thus, a player faithful to a specific carbine will eventually obtain all its accessories by simply using it. You can learn more about Battlepacks at the official Battlefield 4 Battlepacks page. Battlefield Most Wanted: Tracking Your Next RewardBattlefield 4 is our biggest game yet and that includes the behemoth that is our awards and unlocks system. Let’s put some numbers to that: there are 45 Ribbons in Battlefield 4 multiplayer, each tied to a corresponding Medal. You’ve got 45 Assignments in multiplayer and 5 multiplayer-specific Achievements/Trophies. There are over 600 dog tags to attempt to steal, 130 Service Stars that can be obtained 100 times over for a total of 13,000 earnable Service Stars. We also have 80+ weapons to unlock and a massive amount of weapon accessories. With this amount of content, we wanted to help our players visualize what to go for next. Whether you’re longing for that new 40x sniper scope, the new Assault rifle ergo grip, or the Obliteration Mode Medal, we’ve added the option to track up to three unlocks and rewards to see how far you’ve come to earning them. Settable from Battlelog (including inside the iOS/Android app), tracking an item lets you see what you have to perform to receive it, as well as how far along that road you’ve already travelled. On PC and next-gen consoles, you can also follow the progression of your tracked unlocks and awards in-game by bringing up Battlelog. In multiplayer, you can even see in real-time how you’re progression towards these. You can also check your progression for every single unlock via the detailed stats and unlocks pages on Battlelog. The items you are officially tracking will simply be displayed more prominently for you. Our goal for Battlefield 4 was always to create the deepest and most rewarding progression system in the history of Battlefield. We hope you like the way we’ve set you up for years to come on the hunt for Colonel 100 and beyond. Let us know what you think in the comments section and the poll below – what is your ultimate goal in Battlefield 4 multiplayer? As always, we value your feedback. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to “The Road to Battlefield 4”, where we’ll continue the journey towards launch by diving deeper and deeper into every nuance of the biggest Battlefield game ever developed at DICE. Pre-order Battlefield 4 to get the China Rising expansion pack at no additional cost. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. View the full article
  4. Once again, DICE and EA are proud to present a list of new and prestigious awards that the game industry has honored Battlefield 4 with. Having won over 30 industry awards so far, we are very honored and thankful to receive these new recognitions. As we march towards our biggest release ever, we are confident and hopeful that you will enjoy the all-out war of Battlefield 4, starting October 29. Battlefield 4 Accolades • “The Next-Generation has arrived” – Games Radar • “Looks absolutely nuts” – MTV • “So far Battlefield 4 looks absolutely breathtaking” – Consol.at • “DICE turns the destructibility back up to 11” – Game Informer Other Awards Most Valuable Game Award (@Gamer, E3 2013) Best PC Game (Atomix Mexico, E3 2013) Best of E3 (CVGames, E3 2013) Best Multiplayer (Digital Trends, E3 2013) VS Award (Examiner, E3 2013) Best FPS Game (Game Chronicles, E3 2013) Best Multiplayer Game (Chronicles, E3 2013) Best Game of Show (Game Chronicles, E3 2013) Best FPS (Game One France, E3 2013) Public Award (Game One France, E3 2013) Best of E3 (GameSpot, E3 2013) Most Valuable Game Award (GamesRadar, E3 2013) Best Graphics (GamesRadar, E3 2013) Game of Show (GamesRadar, E3 2013) Best FPS (Habitor Russia, E3 2013) Best Online Multiplayer (Machinima, E3 2013) Most Valuable Game Award (PC Gamer, E3 2013) Best of E3 (PlayStation LifeStyle, E3 2013) Best FPS (Pop.com.br Brazil, E3 2013) Best Shooter of the Show (PS3 Trophies, E3 2013) Game of Show (Vandal.net Spain, E3 2013) Best PC Game Gamescom (Official Awards, Gamescom) Most Wanted PC (Computec, Gamescom) Editor’s Choice PS3/PS4 Award (Play3, Gamescom) Editor’s Choice X360/Xbox One award (XBG 360 Games, Gamescom) Editor’s Choice PC award (PC Games, Gamescom) Best Graphics Gamescom 2013 (World Game Navigator, Gamescom) Best FPS Gamescom 2013 (World Game Navigator, Gamescom) Future Game of Show Award (TGS Official Awards, TGS) Best Xbox 360 Title (GameStop Managers Show – Italy, GSMS) Best Game (GameStop Managers Show – Northern Europe, GSMS) View the full article
  5. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has played the Battlefield 4 Beta! Your feedback has been crucial in testing the underlying infrastructure and reporting both bugs and balancing issues to ensure a smooth launch on October 29. In this blog post, we want to bring up some of the key findings and how we’re addressing these for the launch of Battlefield 4. Thanks again for playing and keep the feedback coming on the Battlelog Beta forums. Low frame rate/stuttering PC players may have experienced trouble in the Beta getting the game running at a good frame rate. Rest assured that we’re using the information we received to optimize the performance for the launch of the game. We also released three game client updates and a number of game server updates during the Beta to address some of these issues and to gather more information to ensure a smoother launch. Stuck on loading screen We have identified some of the reasons why players, mainly on PC, were getting stuck on the loading screen and are currently working around the clock to decrease the rate at which this occurs. The latest PC patch for the Beta helped for some players and we are confident we will be able to minimize this issue for launch. High CPU usage during the Beta CPU usage could sometimes skyrocket for dual, quad and six-core processors. We identified some of the reasons and released three patches with fixes that went live during the Beta, to address the problems. This was a true Beta, and as such all the crash reports that were generated during this period will actually help us make a better game. Controller layouts (X360/PS3) We’ve increased the available controller options in Battlefield 4, including the new controller layout and multiple alternatives that we hope will make you feel right at home. If you’re more comfortable with the controls from Battlefield 3, we’ve got you covered. Just by bringing up the options menu, you can choose the “Veteran” layout, which is similar to that in Battlefield 3. Empty server listings (X360/PS3) While in the Server Browser you may have seen lists of empty servers. By changing the filter options, you’ll be able to find populated servers that you can join. You can also use the “Quick Match” function to quickly get into the action. The elevator catapult (All platforms) Although an interesting concept, elevators were never designed to act as a catapult or teleporter. The bug where the elevator button would catapult you up into the air is fixed for the final game. But we did enjoy all the crazy videos you’ve posted. Thanks! Gameplay balancing We are still balancing gameplay, and in true DICE fashion will continue to do so well after the release of Battlefield 4. Below are just some of the gameplay changes based on your feedback that we’re making in time for the launch of the game. Infantry Changes -Fixed how the player only receives a single local damage sound effect if he or she was the victim of a quick, clean kill. The sound and camera impact effect had too long a cool down between hits. This should improve the responsiveness of being killed and taking damage. -Reduced the fire rate of the AK12 in burst from 1000rpm to 750rpm. The rate of fire was too high when combined with the low recoil of the weapon, making it more powerful than intended in burst mode. -Tweaked the compensator and muzzle brake so they’re properly less accurate in sustained automatic fire. -Reduced and rebalanced full auto accuracy based on rate of fire for all automatic weapons to balance low ROF weapons. Low ROF weapons were remaining accurate long enough to get easy kills outside of their intended optimal range. -Increased the default throw distance of the portable ammo and med packs. This makes it easier to throw these packs to teammates. -Portable ammo packs now reload 2 magazines of bullets instantly and up a total of 4 magazines per pack over time. The player must stay on top of the ammo pack in order to benefit from all of the ammo reloading. Grenades, RPGs, and other explosive launchers do not benefit from the instant reload function of the Ammo Pack. -Increased the muzzle flash of the 25mm and 40mm launchers to make their threat position more visible. -Fixed an issue where the knife stab didn’t align with the kill event. -The revive time has been increased from 7s to 10s. Vehicle Changes -Fixed some descriptions of weapons for vehicles that incorrectly described the function of the weapon. -Increased the damage of the Stinger and IGLA to 3 hits to kill attack choppers (was 25%, now 35%). -Increased the speed of all TOW guided missiles to 75m/s from 50m/s so they can catch-up to fast vehicles like the Quad bike. -Increased the sustained fire accuracy of the Coaxial LMG on armored vehicles because it was underpowered. -Reduced the damage the 40mm and 25mm infantry weapons do to armored vehicles to highlight their anti-infantry role. -Reduced the damage main gun on the IFVs against other armor to highlight their primarily anti-infantry role. -Fixed an issue where the tank main gun did not correctly hit the center of the crosshair at all times. -Multiple options are now available for controlling how your vehicles steer with a joystick on all platforms, as well as improved the responsiveness of steering while accelerating. Locking Weapon Changes -RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced. -Fixed some projectiles not warning vehicles when they were fired on a Laser Designated target. Reduced the lock on distance for MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m. This gives the IGLA the clear long range AA role for soldiers, and keeps the team play element of Laser Designation. -All Laser Designated missiles now do a maximum of 90% damage to Attack and Scout helicopters (down from 100%). This was done to give helicopters a chance to use their Fire Extinguisher countermeasure even against Laser Designated weapons. General Changes -The kill string in the score log now appears sooner, making the UI more responsive to a kill event. -The aim assist on X360/PS3 has been tweaked to be more consistent at all ranges. The assist was over powerful at close range, and not powerful enough at medium range. Players should now find that close combat requires much more player input and the snap to a target is far less forgiving. At medium range the player should experience a bit more assistance tracking targets, but generally still reduced aim assist effectiveness. PC Specific Changes -Fixed a string in On Foot PC key bindings that should have read “CROUCH (TOGGLE) / PRONE (HOLD)”. -Removed an unused “Underslung” key binding on PC, the “Select Gadget 1″ key binding now controls both of these actions as expected. View the full article
  6. In this in-depth “Road to Battlefield 4” blog post we tackle a highly anticipated feature for Battlefield 4: Spectator Mode. The team at DICE explains how being able to view Battlefield matches in the engaging Spectator Mode will gratify curious fans, competitive gamers, and ambitious YouTube video makers alike. With the crazy moments that happen only in Battlefield, the impressive skills of top players, and the amazing Frostbite 3 visuals, we really wanted to give everyone a chance to view Battlefield 4 matches – not just those participating in the battles themselves. That is why Spectator Mode was created, to give everyone front row seats to the all-out war of Battlefield 4′s multiplayer. Here to take us through Spectator Mode are two of its creators: Daniel Matros (Assistant Producer) and Dennis Brännvall (Junior Gameplay Designer). The duo will discuss the different camera views in Spectator Mode, the many display options for those who spectate, how the mode ties into competitive gaming – and more. Take it away, guys! Get Some Perspective: The Views of Spectator ModeWe are very excited that Spectator Mode is returning in Battlefield 4, and this time around we are challenging and expanding upon the concept of spectating in a first person shooter. Our goal has been to give spectators the best possible views of the Battlefield, and the ability to quickly switch between both camera types and players – without toggling through an entire team to get what they want. So how does Spectator Mode in Battlefield 4 work? It all starts with Battlelog. When you find a BF4 server, you can choose to join as a Spectator. If spectating is enabled, there are four Spectator slots per server, and those four slots are excluded from the number of players the game mode allows. So on PC and next-gen consoles, you could have 64 players + 2 Commanders + 4 Spectators. Tabletop View gives you a bird’s-eye view on the action, but thanks to the picture-in-picture screen you can also keep an eye on the action on the streets, in the air or at sea. Once inside Spectator Mode, you can observe the matches in four different views: First Person, Third Person, Tabletop and Freecam View. Each view comes with its own merits, and our goal is for players to find the perfect views for the situation at hand – and to easily switch between them. The first view you will see in Spectator Mode is the Tabletop View. This is visually similar to the Commander Mode screen, and here you will have a UI with icons for the starting points, players, vehicles, and so on. From this position, you can then select anything that has a camera – players and all the vehicles – and you see their actions in a smaller picture-in-picture screen. Using Tabletop View and its smaller screen gives you a great overview of both the big and the small aspects of the battle. Switching to First Person View puts you in the heat of the battle and is visually reminiscent of actually playing Battlefield 4 yourself. Third Person View also follows one specific player, but from an overhead perspective. This gives the Spectator a wider view of the surroundings, and captures the chaos of all-out war in a more cinematic way. Finally we have Freecam View, where you have five different cameras that you can switch between. These cameras are placed on the map by us from the beginning, but you can move them anywhere you want – an ideal setup if you are creating your own Battlefield 4 movies. You can capture all the action from different angles to get that cinematic feel, like the one you see in our own Battlefield 4 trailers. One cool thing is that the video team here at DICE actually use the Spectator Mode themselves to capture those cinematic camera angles. Spectating in First Person View throws you right in the chaos of all-out war and lets you analyze in detail how other players take on the Battlefield. We looked at having just one Freecam but quickly realized that it wouldn’t cover the entire Battlefield. So one criteria for making a great Spectator Mode for Battlefield 4 was to have several Freecams, since you need the ability to fly around and switch positions quickly. This is also true for the competitive world, where having just one Freecam can easily make you miss parts of the action. If you look at shoutcasting of competitive gaming, you can’t always see where the action is. Sure, you get information based on the kill feed, but you can’t always see what’s going on around the corner. So in the Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode, you will get a combination of many different view modes and camera angles – making it great for competitive games. See What You Want to See: Spectator Display OptionsAt the top of your screen you will find the controls for moving between players, and switching between the four camera modes. You can see every player in the squad you are currently spectating. You can also see where the five cameras are, the score for the two teams, the remaining time, and the objectives (like flags in Conquest mode). There are squad bars on the two sides of the screen to keep track of the squad member’s health and classes. In addition to that, the Player Card shows the player’s current weapons, attachments, gadgets and vehicle customizations (if you are spectating a vehicle). Navigation with the Freecam is done with the same basic controls that are used for your soldier in-game. An adjustable speed of the camera enables you to move around both fast and precise. We want to give you as much information as possible in the Spectator Mode interface, like squad bars, ticket count, objectives and team names. But you should also be to toggle the different layers on and off, because let’s face it: Battlefield 4 is a beautiful game, and sometimes you want to view it without distractions. Another thing that was important to us when designing the third person camera is that it should never clip through buildings and walls, because that takes you out of the experience. Our programmers worked hard on making it look great in third person, even in narrow situations like crawling through a tunnel. You don’t have to be that “active” in the Spectator Mode’s third person view; it should take care of itself and not wind up in weird places. Spectator Mode and Competitive GamingSpectator Mode will tie into competitive gaming in many ways. There’s been a lot of buzz in the pro league world since we revealed Spectator Mode at E3, and we hope to see Battlefield 4 played at more competitive events in the future. The broadcasting-friendly features of Spectator mode, along with the depth of gameplay and improved teamplay mechanics, will allow BF4 to take a big step into the competitive gaming scene. To make a game interesting in the world of competitive gaming, you have to be able to have spectators. We want to give people a chance to view players that are really good at Battlefield 4, and for anyone to share their experiences. While no one can say exactly when, we at DICE are convinced that e-sports will someday become the most popular sport on the planet, and we’d like Battlefield to be one of the games that makes that happen. That’s another reason why we need a Spectator Mode, and a really good one as well. Third-Person View gives you a wider view on the surrondings, and lets you follow the selected player in a more cinematic fashion. All the game modes are great to spectate, but we’re really excited about Obliteration. By design, this game mode focuses the action into a single point of interest – namely where the bomb is and what’s happening to it – which makes for exciting and easy to follow spectator experiences, not to mention plenty of crazy Battlefield moments. Challenges and Color CodingThe biggest challenge with creating Spectator Mode was to make sense of developing it for such a vast game. We struggled with that a lot: how do we support having both a big overview and a detailed view – and make it work well? This required a lot of thought, and we had to hammer out many edge cases. How would we support Squad Deathmatch that has 4 different teams, for instance? The Battlefield 4 mentality of “all game modes, all maps” was something we felt was needed for Spectator Mode too. Early on though, we considered whether to just not allow Spectators on servers with 64 players, due to all the challenges that would mean for developing it. But we realized we had to support it – and it had to be a good experience. The color coding was another challenge. Initially, there was some confusion at E3 and gamescom when we used the same colors as the active players see in-game. For instance, one of our producers had this “moment” on the gamescom live stream where he thought the player was shooting at his team mate. That made us realize we weren’t there yet. We knew we had to distance ourselves from the colors in-game since the spectator is supposed to be a neutral entity on the Battlefield. We finally decided on what the team colors in Spectator Mode should be: deep red and deep blue. An Exciting New FeatureTo round off, we asked our Spectator Mode developers what part of the new feature they are most excited about. DM: — I want to see how people will shoutcast Battlefield 4 with the help of Spectator Mode. Will they use the first person view fusioned with a real-time strategy point of view, or will they use third person only? It’s going to be very interesting to see how our tool is going to be used. DB: — Spectating a 64-player Conquest match lets you fully appreciate all the different multiplayer narratives that our game consist of. You get the awesome vistas when all the vehicles come rolling out of the HQ’s, you get the close quarters infantry fighting, the pesky snipers on top of a roof and then the helicopters that take them out. And it all happens at the same time, and you’re able to capture it all as a spectator. That’s when I’m the most happy that we didn’t scale down or compromise – Spectator is an awesome feature and I can’t wait to hand it off to our very capable fans and see what they make of it. We hope you have enjoyed this post. Spectator Mode will be available on PC and next-gen consoles, but you can try it out now in the on-going Battlefield 4 Beta. Remember to give us your comments and thoughts on this blog post. Let us also know what you think about Spectator Mode in our poll below and stay tuned for more The Road to Battlefield 4! Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. View the full article
  7. Click “enable” to let the world know you’re a #BF4 fan. We are happy to announce the new Facebook Sharing in Battlelog! Now, our Battlefield fans can choose to share their in-game progression with friends automatically. Some example of stories that can be posted to your activity feed (and in some instances your wall) are ranking up, joining games, and winning rounds. Players clicking your story can be taken to either the Battlefield 4 Beta page, your Facebook profile, or the Open Beta server browser (depending on which item they click). Let your friends know you are a true Battlefield fan by enabling Facebook Sharing now. You can switch it on by going to your profile and setting ”Facbook Sharing” to on. You can turn it off again at any time. This is our first iteration of Facebook Sharing from Battlefield, and like always we appreciate your feedback. What kind of stories would you like to see in Battlefield 4? Let us know in the comments section below. Head to Battlelog to enable Facebook Sharing. Join the Battlefield 4 Open Beta and help us make the game better! View the full article
  8. Battlefield has always been about those unbelievable moments – the ones that are unscripted and you, the players, create by simply playing the game. What you have created in the past always seems to amaze us, like taking out the pilot of a helicopter, jumping off a skyscraper, and jumping in the pilot’s seat in mid-air. These are the kind moments you can have Only in Battlefield and we want to help you make even more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CY_800fIrM Now that the Battlefield 4 Open Beta is live, we want to see your best Only in Battlefield 4 moments. To give your moments even more of that Battlefield feeling, we’re releasing our official video template. Click to download the Only in Battlefield 4 video toolkit.After you make your own Only in Battlefield 4 videos, send your YouTube Video ID to battlefieldsocial@ea.com for a chance to get your video shown on Battlefield.com! We’re looking forward to seeing your most amazing Only in Battlefield 4 moments. Good luck – we’ll see you on the Battlefield. Learn how to join the Battlefield 4 Open Beta on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. View the full article
  9. Battlefield has always brought out the competitive side in people. So it’s no surprise that on November 1, Europe and the USA are going head-to-head in Battlefield 4 to finally find out who’s best – and you have a chance to join the fight. Tune into the live stream on Xbox Live on November 1 at 10:00AM PDT to find out who will win the “Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs USA” match-up. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and AceyBongos will each command their own team of 32 players on Xbox One. You’ll get the first look at the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion pack, which debuts at the Showdown and brings four re-imagined Battlefield 3 maps to Battlefield 4. One lucky player from the USA will get the chance to be on Major Nelson’s team by entering Xbox’s “Play and Win” sweepstakes. Download the Battlefield 4 Gamer Pic and play the Battlefield 4 beta on Xbox Live this weekend for a chance to win a trip for two to London, two passes to the event, a seat on the USA team and a $500 gift card. Play while you can – the sweepstakes ends on October 6. Check out the full details from Microsoft at www.xbox.com/bf4pw to learn more about the “Play and Win” sweepstakes. View the full article
  10. With the Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta in full swing, have a look at our new Beta Overview Video for a run-down of the playable map and available game modes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8znjqjdA2I The Open Beta available to all players opens up on October 4. Learn more about the Battlefield 4 Beta. Pre-order Battleifeld 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on PC from Origin to join the Exclusive Beta that runs through October 3. View the full article
  11. The feedback we’ve received following our in-depth blog post on the return of Commander Mode has been tremendous, and we’re listening! The team at DICE is hard at work putting the final touches on Battlefield 4, but we managed to get some time with Valerian Noghin, Multiplayer Designer on Commander Mode. High Value TargetsOne of the primary objectives for a Commander will be to identify threats. In Battlefield 4, we are giving the Commander the ability to identify High Value Targets, turning up the intensity on the battlefield even more. When a player has reached a kill streak of six, they will appear as a selectable unit on the Commander Screen. Once this happens, the opposing teams Commander can choose to reveal the HVT’s location on the map. Once they do that, a timer begins to count down and a message will appear on-screen letting that Commanders team know where that HVT is via the mini map. If the HVT takes down an enemy while the timer is counting down, they will receive bonus points for each kill. If you’re good, racking up great amounts of points during a match will be easier, but don’t expect it to be easy if you’re playing against a well-coordinated team. Rewarding skilled players is really important for us, as we don’t want them to feel as if this is a punishment, but rather something that they should be proud about. When a player eliminates a HVT they will receive a one-time bonus, and the Commander that issued the order will also receive a bonus based on the total amount of kills the HVT had during their kill streak. Taking down a HVT isn’t an easy task, especially if the opposing Commander utilizes assets such as the EMP or even supply drops to help his team out. When the countdown ends, there will be a cool down before a Commander can choose a new target, so it won’t be possible to HVT spam. Becoming a CommanderYou’ve been on the battlefield and now you’re ready to lead your team to victory. Players that have reached Rank 10, will be able to join matches as a Commander on a first-come, first-served basis. This rank requirement will also be required for Commanders playing on tablets, meaning they will need PC/console experience before leading their teams while on the move. PC players will use Battlelog to join, while console players will be able to do this through the in-game menus. Commander MutinyThink you can be a better Commander? If so, start a mutiny. Squad leaders who disapprove of the Commanders performance will be able to vote for a mutiny against the Commander. When a Commander reaches the munity threshold, all players on the team will be informed and a countdown timer of 2 minutes will appear on the Commander Screen (and those of the squad leaders). The Commander will be able to directly see which leaders disapprove and will have some time to turn the tide of the battle, showing that they are worthy to be in the position. Unlike normal voting, squad leaders can at any point change their minds and show that they now approve of how the Commander plays. If a mutiny does occur, new Commanders will have a couple of minutes’ grace period when taking the seat before a mutiny can be started against them. Until next time…Check back here at the Battlefield blog next week for a special BF4 Beta edition of Ask DICE. Next time we’ll be answering questions about the Battlefield 4 Beta as well as any other burning questions. What questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below. Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition and get access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta on Oct 1. View the full article
  12. Powered by our advanced Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 4 represents the pinnacle of this generation. It brings together the most stunning visuals ever seen on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, the most varied gameplay with the most chaotic, dramatic experience of all-our war breaking loose around you. No other game can do what Battlefield 4 does. With less than 6 weeks until the launch of Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 and PS3, let us count the ways that Battlefield 4 will blow you away on October 29. PREPARE 4 NEXT-GENBRING YOUR UNLOCKS WHEN YOU MAKE THE JUMP TO NEXT-GEN Be the best you can be on Day 1 on next-gen. If you start playing Battlefield 4 on the current generation of consoles and make the jump to next-gen, you can bring all of your stats and unlocks. Don’t start from scratch when Battlefield 4 launches on Xbox One and PS4. You could join the next generation battle armed to the teeth and with a massive amount of unlocks, camos, and paints already unlocked. Learn more PLAY NOW, UPGRADE LATERPAY AS LOW AS $10 FOR BATTLEFIELD 4 ON NEXT-GEN If you’re not ready to make the jump to next-gen just yet, get the full Battlefield experience on PS3 and Xbox 360 – and when you do, it’ll only cost you as low as $10/£10/10€ to upgrade to Xbox One or PS4. Learn more LEVOLUTIONBRING DOWN A SKYSCRAPER. DESTROY AN ISLAND Levolution is about dynamic environments; how you affect the world, and how the world affects you back. But it’s not just about epic moments like the skyscraper falling down in a massive cloud of dust. It’s also the little things, like being alerted to enemy presence using metal detectors. It’s taking out the lights to be able to pick off enemies using your IRNV scope. It’s about trapping your foes inside a room with your cooked grenade. Levolution will change you how you play the game. Learn more SIEGE OF SHANGHAITRY THE GAME EARLY IN THE OPEN BETA Battlefield 4 is going into Beta soon so get into the action early! Join us on the Siege of Shanghai map and help us bring down the skyscraper. The Open Beta will be available on PC, PS3, and X360, starting October 4. Learn more COMMANDER MODETURN THE TIDE OF BATTLE Take command and turn the tide of Battle in Commander Mode. Playable directly on your PS3, X360, and PC (or on-the-go on your tablets), Commander Mode lets you take a strategic overview of the map to survey the Battlefield, send orders to team mates, deliver critical war assets, and support your troops with gunships and missile strikes. Learn more AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULTTACTICAL AND CHALLENGING WATER-BASED COMBAT You’ve seen the gameplay from our Paracel Storm map. One of the ways we’re bringing more diversity to Battlefield 4 is to increase the importance of naval combat. We’re doing this by increasing the number and types of naval units available to you. The other way is to create networked waves in multiplayer – this means all players in an online match will experience the same treacherous seas. This lets you hide between waves creating a cat-and-mouse type gameplay with enemies. You can engage in both challenging and tactically deep water-based combat like never before. Where water-based combat used to be played on a mostly flat water surface, it’s now played on anything from calm waters to raging oceans. Learn more EMBLEMSENTER THE BATTLEFIELD IN STYLE In Battlefield 4, create your own emblems and have them appear on your soldier, weapons, and vehicles. Customizable emblems let you to enter the Battlefield in style and allow you to show your gaming allegiance in new ways. Who do you want to be on the Battlefield? Learn more CUSTOMIZATIONBUILD YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE The customization options in Battlefield 4 are our deepest yet. Enhanced by a clear and easy to read interface, you can quickly gauge what the addition of a new accessory does to the handling of your weapon. With rotating 3D models you can inspect your weapons from any angle and verify they look cool enough to bring to the Battlefield. Learn more ALL-OUT WARALL MAPS, ALL MODES, ALL PLATFORMS Battlefield 4 comes with 10 vast and distinct maps that are designed to house all 7 available game modes. From frantic infantry only combat in Defuse to the all-out vehicle warfare in Conquest, Battlefield 4 offers the greatest variety in game modes and maps in Battlefield history. Learn more BATTLELOGTHE BATTLE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With Battlelog for Battlefield 4, we’re creating a social experience on your console. Whether you’re creating custom Missions to challenge your friends, changing your loadout on the fly, or remote joining a server from the Battlelog app, we’ve got you covered. Learn more Battlefield 4™ launches on Xbox 360 and PS3 Oct 29, Xbox One starting Nov 19/22 in North America/Europe, PS4 starting Nov 12/29 in North America/Europe, respectively. Learn more about Battlefield 4. View the full article
  13. Battlefield 4 is just about a month away and we couldn’t wait any longer to reveal the full map list that you’ll get to experience in the game. You’ll be able to choose from 10 maps, playable on all seven game modes. The maps vary from the open Chinese metropolis in Siege of Shanghai and the violent seas of Paracel Storm to the flooded inner city streets of Flood Zone. Another map, Zavod 311, takes the fight in a completely different direction, which we wanted to highlight here as we unveiled it this week at the Eurogamer Expo in London. Zavod 311 puts players in a Soviet tank factory that dates back to the Cold War era. Long abandoned, Mother Nature has completely taken over the facility and now overgrown trees and bushes cover the compound. Deep within the factory is an active warhead, which players can detonate to send a towering chimney crashing to the ground. Doing this opens up gameplay paths and routes previously not available while closing others, and making the use of ground vehicles extremely difficult in the area. Players will also find munitions depots filled with highly explosive materials spread across the map that they can use to their advantage. Check out the full list of maps coming on October 29: - Siege of Shanghai - Paracel Storm - Zavod 311 - Lancang Dam - Flood Zone - Rogue Transmission - Hainan Resort - Dawnbreaker - Operation Locker - Golmud Railway What do you think the experience will be like in the other new maps? Let us know in the comments. Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition and get access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta on Oct 1. View the full article
  14. WHAT’S IN A TICKET? Tickets are a shared team resource for respawning. 1 ticket = 1 respawn. So if your team has 100 tickets to share, after you have received 100 kills your team will be down to zero and lose the match. You can also continually bleed tickets in most game modes if the enemy controls more flags than you. From the all-out vehicle warfare of Conquest to the frantic warfare found in the all-new Obliteration mode, Battlefield 4 offers the most diverse and fun multiplayer experience yet. As we prepare for launch, we wanted to tell you about the modes you’ll be playing in the Battlefield 4 Beta, as well as the other modes you will get to experience when Battlefield 4 launches later this year. Battlefield 4 brings seven distinct game modes all playable on the ten exciting multiplayer maps – and all modes will be playable on all maps. By carefully zoning the playable combat areas, adapting flag layouts, and catering for a variety of gameplay styles, each map will accomodate any game mode you wish to play. Read on for details on each of the game modes in Battlefield 4! CONQUEST (Playable in the Battlefield 4 Beta) TIME IS UP! Most game modes have a default time limit to prevent matches from going on for too long without a conclusion. In game modes like Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch, we also have an overtime feature to make sure that they don’t end in a draw and that a winner is declared. Combat type: The definitive Battlefield mode – All-out vehicle warfare mixed with intense infantry action across land, air and sea Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) / 64 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC) Commander mode: Optional Conquest is the quintessential Battlefield mode and includes all-out vehicle warfare across land, air and sea. Engage in dogfights with jets, lay waste to the battlefield with tanks, patrol the rivers in attack boats, and engage in intense infantry combat. With its vast maps and wide array of available vehicles, Conquest truly lets you play your way. THIS is Battlefield! The goal is simple; capture flags, eliminate enemy soldiers, and bring the enemy’s ticket count down to zero. The best way to do that is to make sure you own a majority of the available flags on the map. To capture flags you must be within a specific range. The more flags your team controls the faster your enemies’ respawn tickets will reduce. But be advised, your enemy can capture your flags at any time, turning the table and putting you on the offensive. The first team to bleed their opponent’s respawn tickets to zero are the victors. DOMINATION (Playable in the Battlefield 4 Beta) Combat type: Fast-paced infantry variant of Conquest Designed for: 20 players (all platforms) Commander mode: No Domination is an intense, infantry only game mode that made its debut in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. While sharing many of the elements of Conquest (capturing flags, bleeding your enemies’ tickets to zero), Domination is tighter and more focused. You’ll never be far from a flag, which means you’ll be constantly on the move and constantly in the thick of the action. In contrast to Conquest, capturing flags is much quicker in Domination, and the ticket count is lower than in Conquest. You also lose tickets more slowly if you own a minority of the bases. This means that every kill made in Domination means much more for the outcome of the entire match than it does in Conquest. OBLITERATION COMMANDER MODE Turn the tide in the strategic Commander Mode. Learn more about how to direct your troops, scan the Battlefield, and deliver critical war assets in this blog post. Combat type: Mad dash in vehicles and on foot to deliver explosives Designed for: 24 (X360, PS3) 32 (Xbox One, PS4, PC) Commander mode: Optional We call this the ”Battlefield Moments Generator”. One of the two new game modes in Battlefield 4, Obliteration is definitely the most explosive! In Obliteration, a bomb spawns at a random location on the map. Both teams must fight to pick up the bomb, drop it off at one of their opponent’s three objectives, arm it, and destroy the objective. Once a bomb has detonated, the next one randomly spawns in a new location and the chaos starts all over. The game lasts until one team has detonated the other team’s three objectives. Obliteration can be devastatingly quick or a harrowing tug of war depending on how good your team is at staying together and delivering the bomb. Like most other game modes, there is usually also a time limit in place to make sure the match does not go on for too long. Compared to Conquest, the action in Obliteration tends to be heavily focused on wherever the bomb is located. Since there’s only one bomb at a time, you will often find yourself going from attacker to defender in the blink of an eye. You need to be able to predict enemy movement to defend at the right place at the right time and reclaim the offensive – or intercept the enemy to reclaim possession of the bomb. The constantly shifting playing field from offense to defense is partly inspired by American football – with the detonation of an enemy installation being the Battlefield equivalent of scoring a touchdown. Learn more about Obliteration in this blog post. DEFUSE Combat type: Competitive close quarters combat Designed for: 5 vs. 5 players (all platforms) Commander mode: No The other new game mode making its debut in Battlefield 4, Defuse is a highly competitive and lethal. Each player is given a single life per round, every shot fired having the potential to drastically change the outcome. Teams can win by eliminating the enemy squad, or arming and detonating a military objective that they own (similar to the M-COM stations in Rush mode.) Built from the ground up and designed to cater to the most competitive Battlefield players, Defuse provides a distinctly new flavor to Battlefield that stands in stark contrast to other modes like Rush and Conquest. Each player can only be revived once per round, and players who have been eliminated will be following the rest of the showdown from the sidelines. TEAM DEATHMATCH Combat type: The classic shooter mode, Battlefield 4 style Designed for: 20 players (all platforms) Commander mode: No Few game modes are as instantly recognizable as Team Deathmatch. The setup is deliciously simple: two teams face off in combat, with the first team to reach a preset number of kills emerging victorious. There’s nothing more to it – it’s the perfect game mode for when you’re short on time and crave instant action. RUSH Combat type: Fight deep into enemy territory by detonating their M-COM stations Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) 32 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC) Commander mode: Optional Another signature Battlefield multiplayer mode, Rush is an asymmetrical struggle between Attackers and Defenders. The goal is for the attacking team to arm and destroy two MCOM stations in each zone of the map. The defending team must stop this from happening before the run out of respawns. If the attacking team is successful, two more MCOM stations are spawned deeper on the map. Rush continues until the attacking team has destroyed all six of their enemies MCOMs, or when the defending team has successfully bled the attacking team’s respawn tickets dry. Often, a game of Rush will take you through a number of different environments, each asking you to reconsider your tactics and your loadout. SQUAD DEATHMATCH Combat type: Four squads fight on the ground with limited vehicle support in a race to the top of the leaderboard Designed for: 20 players (all platforms) Commander mode: No In Squad Deathmatch, four squads face off in a battle to the top of the leaderboard. The first squad to reach the preset number of kills in each round is declared the winner. Squad Death Match is a mode that takes the immediate action from Team Deathmatch and doubles the number of participating teams to deliver an intense battle to see who will emerge victorious. Stay tuned to “The Road to Battlefield 4”, where we’ll continue the journey towards the release of Battlefield 4 by diving deeper in to the biggest Battlefield game ever. Until then, let us know what you think about this blog post, and what questions you want us to answer in the upcoming posts. Thanks for reading! View the full article
  15. After two years of hard work we are finally getting ready to roll out Battlefield 4! Please join us next week in the Battlefield 4 Beta to help us make the launch a smoother experience. In this personal blog post, DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson explains this exciting milestone for Battlefield in detail and how you can help us make the game better. This is a very exciting time for me and everyone at DICE. After years of hard work and passion, we are in the final stages of preparing for our biggest game yet. This beta marks one of the final milestones before Battlefield 4 launches October 29, and I couldn’t be more proud of what the team has accomplished. Take part in the Siege of Shanghai In this beta, you’ll be able to play the Siege of Shanghai map – perhaps our most ambitious and “Battlefield-y” map ever. Never before have we combined a dense urban environment with full infantry and vehicular combat. You’ll zigzag between the skyscrapers in helicopters or engage enemies right in the center of the city in our all-new attack boats. We’re also including the entire concept of Levolution, from the epic player-triggered moment where you can bring down an entire skyscraper, to all of the little things like raising bollards to stop advancing armor, car alarms going off, and being able to lower shutter gates to fortify your position. In many ways, this map perfectly encapsulates the ideas we have for Battlefield 4 overall – the notion of all-out vehicle warfare with an increased focus on water-based combat and the game-changing concept of Levolution. We can’t wait for you to experience it, both in the Conquest and Domination game mode. As a small token of appreciation, all players who take part in the Beta will be awarded a unique dog tag for use in Battlefield 4 (when the full game is out). Help us make the game better While the release of Battlefield 4 is relatively close, I wanted to underline that this is, in every respect, a true Beta test. We still have time to implement changes based on your feedback. Some of these changes will happen in time for launch; some feedback will be addressed after launch in our extensive ongoing support of the game. As long-term fans will know, we are also passionate about tweaking and balancing gameplay based on player feedback once the game is live – expect our commitment for Battlefield 4 to be equally strong. We take pride in listening to our fans so do make yourself heard. If you have any feedback on the Beta, please submit it to us in the Battlefield 4 Beta forums that we will set up on Battlelog. We will provide regular updates on the beta itself in Battlelog News posts, in the Battlelog forums, and in news posts inside the game (on console). While we are eager to hear your feedback on the actual gameplay, the beta is first and foremost an opportunity for us to test the underlying infrastructure – server loads, matchmaking systems, server browsers, and game mode rotations are now going to be tested at high capacity for the first time in a public environment. The data that we will receive during the beta period will be of great value to us when configuring the game for launch. Simply by joining the beta, you are helping us tweak very important details in the multiplayer components for our biggest and most ambitious game yet. What to expect from the Beta During the beta, we are aiming to be live 24/7. However, we will regularly restart servers on short notice or take down the beta for periods of time if needed for technical reasons. This is because we are still optimizing net code, updating the dedicated server code, updating the server infrastructure, and doing database work. You can always check the notice bar on Battlelog for up to date information on server status for all platforms (PC, X360, PS3). I would also like to point out that gameplay is still being balanced, and that the beta is not representative of the final quality of the game. The beta version of the game is actually older than the version we are currently working on at the DICE office, since the beta had to be submitted for testing and certification before it can go live. How to join the Battlefield 4 Beta I am happy to invite all of our fans to try the open beta. There is also an exclusive beta three days prior that is open for a select group of players including Battlefield 3 Premium members and fans who have pre-ordered the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin. See below how and when you can join. The most up to date information on how to find and download the Beta for all platforms will be published on this Beta page. Ways to get into the Beta Eligible for Pre-order the Battlefield 4 PC Digital Deluxe Edition (Available on Origin) The Exclusive Beta starting October 1* and the Open Beta starting October 4* through October 15 Be a Battlefield 3 Premium member The Exclusive Beta starting October 1* and the Open Beta starting October 4* through October 15 Be a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition The Exclusive Beta starting October 1* and the Open Beta starting October 4* through October 15 Download the Open Beta on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC from Xbox Live, PSN and Origin.com The Open Beta October 4* through October 15 *Date subject to change You can start pre-loading the exclusive Beta on PC on Sept. 29 at 10AM PDT (click for global time). 64-bit OS required on PC Note that you are required to run a 64-bit OS to join the Battlefield 4 Beta on PC. As a studio, we wanted to focus our efforts on testing the 64-bit version of the game. The full version of the game will also run on 32-bit Windows OS. Keeping the Battlefield fair At DICE, we are always striving to keep the Battlefield fair. We are happy to let you know that we have increased our protection against cheaters to not only use PunkBuster, but we will also work side by side with Gameblocks, who will provide us with their anti-cheat engine FairFight. We believe that the FairFight engine will be a great complement to the anti-cheat measures already in play. During the Beta we will try out both FairFight and PunkBuster to make the experience as good as possible for our players. You will notice information about the two anti-cheat measures on the server browser pages on Battlelog, and you will also potentially see messaging in the chat box in-game when a cheater is caught. We will get back to you later with more detail on how we are improving our anti-cheat measures in Battlefield 4. To our fans: We salute you Finally, I wanted to take the time to personally thank our millions of fans for making Battlefield what it is today. With Battlefield 4, we are making great new strides in the series and I am happy to have you along for the ride. Please let us know if you have any questions on the beta below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Now, all I have to do is to complete my three outstanding Assignments in Battlefield 3 before we launch Battlefield 4! /Karl Magnus Troedsson General Manager, DICE Learn more about the Battlefield 4 Beta. Learn more about Levolution. Learn more about FairFight. Learn more about PunkBuster. View the full article
  16. Always at your fingertips, Battlelog for Battlefield 4 delivers an amazing array of detailed stats, game-connected features and new ways to compete. Jesper Nielsen, Assistant Producer for Battlelog, will walk you through new details for Battlelog, and how it will make your BF4 experience truly unique. Introducing Battlelog for Battlefield 4 We loved introducing Battlelog in Battlefield 3, but that was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve had some great ideas for how we could innovate and make it even better with Battlefield 4. The goal with Battlelog for BF4 is to create an enhanced experience for the player that allows them to be constantly connected to the game, whether it’s in front of their console or PC or on the go using their mobile device. We had to fundamentally change some features – like fully integrating Battlelog into the game on next-gen consoles and PC. By doing this, it has enabled us to give Battlelog a style and look that is much more in-tune with the game, introduce connected features to make it an even more powerful companion and provide new ways for you to customize your experience. In-Game Integration A core goal for the team was to deeply integrate the Battlelog experience within the game, utilizing the great platform we had already built for BF3. With seamless integration in mind, we’ve placed a widget in the top right corner of your interface, where you can see how many of your friends are currently playing BF4 or how many active Missions you have available(a new feature where you can create new challenges for you and your friends). This widget also gives you notifications for certain events. For example, Battlelog will let you know of Mission invites, if someone beat your score in a Mission or when a friend joins your server. We tried to balance it so it isn’t too intrusive, yet still gives you the information you want, when you want it. If you still prefer to go without it, you have the option to hide the widget. At any time in-game, you can bring up the Battlelog overlay. For PC and next-gen consoles we’ve built a new platform to ensure we could bring Battlelog to players in the best possible way while they are playing the game. This means that it is built on the same core technology as Battlelog is on the web, tablet and mobile devices, making it easier and faster for us to update, and keeping it tightly connected to the Battlelog experience outside the game. This in-game overlay will give you access to tons of Battlelog features. You can see what your friends are doing, check their stats and join their game. You can also see who is in your squad when playing multiplayer and look up their profile. Maybe you want to check your standings on the Geo Leaderboards, or create a Mission. It’s all available at any time during the game. You can even see how you’re progressing towards your next rank or unlocks in real-time! In-game overlay – work-in-progress image A Connected Experience With BF3 we realized that the game, Battlelog on the web, and Battlelog on mobile felt like separate pieces. With Battlelog for BF4 the design across the in-game, web, tablet, and mobile experiences are much more uniform. Going between the game and Battlelog on the various platforms will feel much smoother and connected. We’re also working hard to ensure the Battlelog experience for BF4 on console is on par with the deep interaction PC players have enjoyed since BF3. Another way we’ve bridged the gap between Battlelog and the game is with Emblems. You will now be able to create Emblems and take them into multiplayer to show off your style. Create an Emblem on Battlelog and then next time you join a multiplayer game, you will see this Emblem on both your gun and soldier – they even show upon vehicles as you enter them. We can’t wait to see all the creative emblems people will create and bring into the game. The Battlefield 4 Companion In addition to new levels of in-game integration, Battlelog is bringing both new and updated features through web and mobile devices. This extends Battlelog to be more than something you use while you’re not playing – Battlelog for BF4 is quite simply a full-fledged companion experience! With the Battlelog app (and on web as well), you can do a lot of things away from the game. You can view your stats, customize your Loadout, write in the forums, read the latest news, connect with friends, and more. Where the magic starts to happen is that Battlelog will now recognize when you’re playing the game. We’ve created something we call the Unified Game Manager, which will show up on Battlelog as you start playing on PC or console, and will offer you quick access to our game-connected features: Real-time Loadout, Remote Joining and BattleScreen. We’ve completely rebuilt the Loadout system on Battlelog, not only making it more user-friendly and intuitive, but also ensuring that it’s tightly integrated with the game. What this means is that you can customize your Loadout on Battlelog at any time and it’s automatically updated in-game. You just save it, and it’s applied. Loadout – work-in-progress image Remote Joining is another really cool game-connected feature. Perhaps you’re playing on a server, but you’d like to join a different one or you want to join a friend somewhere else. Usually, you’d have to exit the game you’re currently in and then search for your next server in the menus. Now you can pull up the list of servers on Battlelog, find the one you want to play on, and press “Join”. It’ll pull you right into that server. It’s extremely fast and fluid and a whole new way to find games on both console and PC. Another great feature for Battlelog on next-gen consoles and PC is BattleScreen, which is a real-time, interactive mini-map of the game that you’re currently playing in. Say you’re on your way to the fight as a passenger in a helicopter – if you’re the Squad Leader, you can grab the tablet next to you and set attack points for your pilot, prepping you and your squad for the battle to come. This all happens in real-time – there are no delays between what’s going on in-game and what you see on your device. It takes a bit of getting used to, having a second screen to look at, but once you get the hang of it you can use it your advantage. Gone are the days of bringing up the full-screen mini-map only to blur your view of the battle. BattleScreen – work-in-progress image In addition to this, we’ve done work to ensure that both the Battlelog and Commander Mode apps work well together. For example, once you find the server you want to play on from the Battlelog app, you just press “Join as Commander”, and it will boot up the Commander app for you, automatically joining that server. We wanted BF4 to feel like one unified experience, and this is just one of the ways we’re doing that. Geo Leaderboards Our inspiration for Geo Leaderboards came from video game arcades, back when you stopped by the local arcade every day after school to see if you were still the top dog or if someone in neighborhood beat your high score. Taking this idea to heart, we looked at leaderboards in BF4 with a lot of scrutiny. When you’re number 127,842 in the global rankings for a game, it can feel defeating. That’s why we’ve brought Geo Leaderboards into the mix, where you can set your position to compete against people in your city, state, and country, as well as the world at large. Geo Leaderboards on tablet – work-in-progress image We have leaderboards for weapons, vehicles, skill, kills, time played, and many more – allowing you to compete in a lot of different areas. We hope there’s a leaderboard that everyone feels they can compete in, no matter how they play the game. You can try to be the best assault player in your city, or the best reviver; you can go for getting the best Personal Record in your town. A Personal Record is getting the best score in a single round in some category, and it could be something like getting the most kills, best score or even destroying the most vehicles. Leaderboards on tablet – work-in-progress image When you set your location, it can be the city you actually live in or wherever else you’d like to be. Geo-Leaderboards are 100% opt-in and you completely control where your location appears, if you choose to use it. Be the Best Where It Counts Once you have your location set with Geo Leaderboards, you can take a look at how you’re doing. Zoom in and out of the city, state, country, and world. If you find that you’re number one in the city, you might want to step it up a notch and see how you compare to people in the state or country. Players will also be divided into Divisions, inspired by FIFA’s Seasons system. All players on a leaderboard are divided into 10 Divisions, depending on your skills and ranking in a wide range of areas such as Kill/Death Ratio, Score Per Minute, and more. This stretches across each level of zoom (city, state, country, and world) in the Geo Leaderboards as well so you might be Division 1 in your city, but only Division 3 in the world. You’ll be notified in-game when you make the jump from one division to the next, giving you an even better idea of how you stack up to other players. We’re trying to make it easier for you to sift through the many categories because we know there are a lot of leaderboards. Once you’ve put some time into multiplayer we’ll highlight the leaderboards you’re ranked the highest on so that you don’t have to dig through all the different options. You can still go and look at all of the leaderboards, but this is a way to get the most significant info to you as soon as possible. Missions Everyone knows that half the fun of multiplayer is showing off your skills to your friends, whether it’s that 20:1 kill/death ratio or getting a headshot from almost a kilometer away. It’s just not the same unless you know someone is witnessing your greatness. Now you can prove to your friends you’re the best on the battlefield with Missions. Missions are challenges you can set amongst you and up to four friends. They allow you to tailor your multiplayer experience and choose how to define victory outside of normal game objectives. People can create missions based on the same criteria as Personal Records, giving you a list of objectives we’ll continue to increase over time. Missions on mobile device – work-in-progress image These Missions are always round-based, meaning each round is its own separate attempt to get the best score. While you’re setting up your Mission, you can choose which map should be used for the Mission (you can also pick “Any Map”) and the amount of attempts each participant will get (with an option for unlimited attempts), and then you have 48 hours to compete and claim victory. Set a mission on Friday and now you have the weekend to try and be the best among your friends. You’ll get a notification on Battlelog when you are invited, when the lead in the mission has been taken from you, and when you or someone else wins. Notifications will be shown on Battlelog on all devices, including in-game notifications and even push notifications on mobile. We’ll make sure you won’t miss any of these important events. In-game notifications, upper right corner – work-in-progress image Missions were one thing we wanted to create keeps people on their toes. It adds a great new dimension to multiplayer, and it’s a fantastic way to compete with your friends even if you can’t all be online at the same time. Deep and Meaningful Stats Stats are a big part of Battlelog and something we constantly focus on and improve. We’re capturing even more data in BF4. This means we can go back and see how you progressed since the start of your BF4 career. When the game launches, this will ultimately manifest itself in the Profile Replay. On your stats overview page, you can drag this slider around so you can see how your core stats have changed, and hopefully improved, over time. You can see how you were at the beginning of your BF4 career and how you’ve progressed since then. Press “Start” at the beginning and see it all unfold in front of you! Soldier overview with Profile Replay – work-in-progress image We have also improved Battle Reports, and I am particularly excited about the new dynamic prize system. We have around 40 different stats being analyzed, and if you are good enough, then you may be highlighted as a top player in that round. Even if you don’t get a Top Player award, there’s still a good chance that you’ve been the best at something, and we’ll make sure to tell you what that is. Even the small victories count, right? We really want to tell stories with Battlelog, and by highlighting what you’re great at with stats, Geo Leaderboards, Missions and more, Battlelog for BF4 will tell you exactly what kind of BF player you are and help you play to your strengths. Suggestions and Tracking BF4 is a huge game with countless things to unlock and complete, and it’s not always easy to see what you should, or could, unlock over time. That’s why we are introducing Suggestions and Tracking. Three prominent boxes called Suggestions are placed on the main Battlelog section on the web and mobile apps – even in-game! Our system will suggest unlocks, medals, assignments, service stars and more for you to complete, as well as those things you are already close to completing. If you don’t like what’s in the Suggestions boxes you can always hit the refresh button to get new Suggestions, or if you’re really aiming for something specific, you can choose to track it. Just find that special unlock you’re after, hit the “Track” button, and then it will show up in one of the Suggestion boxes. .There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all of your Suggestions completed after a night of Battlefield 4 gaming. Assignments tracking – work-in-progress image Looking Forward Battlelog is a service that we plan on continuing to enhance and grow over time. That is why we’ve spent a lot of time building a shared, web-based technology platform for Battlelog on all devices as it will allow us to work faster, bring more features to the table, and deliver more frequent updates. We will actually be able to update Battlelog in-game without the need for downloading and installing any patches! This is also important because we, as a service, want to make sure we can listen to community feedback and make the right decisions and implementations based on that. When Battlefield 4 and the new Battlelog launch, that’s only the beginning for us. Everyone on the Battlelog team is really excited to see how people will respond and see what kind of ideas and suggestions our new features will bring. With a revamped look and feel, in-game integration, completely revamped mobile apps, companion features, Geo Leaderboards, Missions, and so much more, Battlelog will be an integral part to your Battlefield 4 experience. See you on the battlefield! -Jesper Nielsen Stay tuned to “The Road to Battlefield 4”, where we’ll continue the journey towards launch by diving deeper and deeper into every nuance of the biggest Battlefield game ever developed at DICE. Next episode we’ll explore Game Modes in Battlefield 4. Until then, let us know what you think about this blog post, and what questions you want us to answer in the upcoming posts. Thanks for reading! View the full article
  17. The Battlefield 4 Beta is coming soon. You’ll be able to play the Siege of Shanghai map in Conquest Mode or Domination Mode. We’ve introduced a lot of new and exciting elements into Battlefield 4, like Levolution, Amphibious Assault, and much more. We can’t wait for everyone to try them out in the Beta! Looking to get into the beta? Here’s how: How to Join: Join the Beta on: Pre-order the Battlefield 4 PC Digital Deluxe Edition (Available on Origin) October 1* Battlefield 3 Premium member October 1* Registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition October 1* Open to all Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC players. Download from Xbox Live, PSN and Origin.com. October 4* *Date subject to change. *Gold membership required to participate in the Beta on Xbox Live For any other questions on the BF4 Beta, read up on our Beta FAQ. Buy now, upgrade later - Get a head start on next-gen. Start your progress on current-gen, bring it with you when you upgrade to next-gen for as low as $9.99. Battlefield 4 releases in North America on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 29; PlayStation 4 on November 12 and Xbox One on November 19. In Europe Battlefield 4 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 31; PlayStation 4 on November 29 and Xbox One on November 22. Pre-order Digital Deluxe and get the exclusive Beta. We’ll see you on the Battlefield! View the full article
  18. We’ve been seeing questions pouring in from fans who are excited for the launch of Battlefield 4 – now less than 2 months away! In the spirit of keeping our fans informed and Prepared 4 Battle we’re continuing a new series called “Ask DICE,” featuring questions that we’ve received from Battlefield players with answers straight from the development team at DICE. Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other week for answers, exclusive info, and more. Battlefield 4 Q&A Today we’re answering your questions about weapons and vehicles, two pillars of the Battlefield series that we’re striving to improve every day. We’ll also answer other questions on the topics you’re interested in. Bonethepwn asked, “Will the weapon modifications be better balanced than in BF3, where most people relied on a couple of very strong modifications and discarded the rest?” We’ve always strived for great weapon balance and numerous customization possibilities over the years, and now you can expect an even greater amount of depth. Listening to our fans, we’ve worked with everything from perfecting that sense of “oomph” in our guns, to bringing back some favorite weapons to Battlefield 4 – all of which have been completely rebalanced. To that end, we wanted to let players know how modifications affect their weapons right away, hopefully encouraging people to play around with them more instead of just settling on one combination because you know it works. Browsing through the accessories, you’ll notice a handy visual guide on the right part of your screen. Here, weapon stats such as damage, accuracy, hip fire accuracy, range, and stability are displayed in easy to read bars so you can immediately gauge what effect equipping a certain accessory has. Slap on the Laser Sight, for instance, and you’ll see the hip fire (accuracy) bar go up. Attach an Angled Grip on a rifle and you’ll notice an increase in the weapon’s stability. This interface is designed to encourage experimentation and make your Battlefield 4 experience even more rewarding. Familysccrk asked, “What new vehicles will there be?” We’ll have a ton of new vehicles in BF4, including attack boats, personal watercraft, jets, and more. We’ll keep you updated as we go along, but here’s a teaser list of some new vehicles in the Chinese forces we’ll be introducing. → Type 99 MBT → ZFB-05 Armored Car → Z-10W Attack Heli More importantly, your vehicles will be customizable as Battlefield 4 introduces several new options for you to experiment with before reach round. Let’s say you want to customize the features of your main battle tanks. When picking your primary weapon you’re faced with the choice of a 120MM Armor Piercing Shell or a High Explosive Shell. The former is reasonably fast and deals a good amount of direct damage, but the latter spells heavy damage against armored targets at the cost of a slower flight speed of the shells. As always, it’s a matter of personal taste and what kind of resistance you expect on the Battlefield. In Battlefield 3 there were three vehicle customization slots; Secondary Weapons, Gadgets and Upgrades. In Battlefield 4, we’ve added customization options for the primary weapon slot, and split gadgets up into two new slots, Optics and Countermeasures. Unlocks for Optics and Countermeasures shared the same customization slot in Battlefield 3, which wasn’t optimal when it came to tanks. When you had to choose between optics modes and a protective countermeasure, the countermeasure is sort of a no-brainer, which takes player’s control out of that choice. So adding dedicated countermeasure and optic slots removes that problem and adds more customization options. Now tanks have more countermeasure options and they can be used at the same time as any optics unlock. AssassinPiggy12 asked, “How are you going to stop people from causing the big Levolution moments right off the bat in the beginning of the game?” Many of the big Levolution moments take time to trigger. For example, the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai requires four big pillars to be destroyed; a task that isn’t so easy if your or another squad makes it their personal goal to stop someone from knocking them down. On Paracel Storm, you have to wait for the raging storm to roll in before you can really deal damage to it. Once lightning strikes the wind turbine, then players can work to take it down and free the destroyer next to it. And again, you’ll have to deal with other players getting in your way and trying to take you out while you destroy it. NWI_AZTEC asked, “What game modes will be available for the Siege of Shanghai Beta?” The Beta will feature the Conquest game mode. You can get into the Beta starting early October 2013 by pre-ordering the Battlefield 4™ Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin.com, by being a Battlefield 3: Premium member, and by being a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition. The Beta will be exclusive to the aforementioned group for three days and then it will open up to all players on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Excalibucreation stated, “System requirements would be nice so I can play the game.” Check them out, are you prepared for battle? Shams_123 asked, “Is the Commander Mode available for current-gen consoles?” Commander Mode is definitely available on current-gen. As the Commander, you’ll have a birds-eye view of the battlefield, and you’ll be able to support your team with a variety of assets – cruise missile strikes, EMPs, map scans, a gunship, and more. Players will also experience Levolution moments on current-gen including a damaged destroyer ramming a beach, bringing down a massive skyscraper, and much more. Frostbite 3 is the tech that will deliver this, in addition to battling enemies in an all-new type of naval warfare, experiencing changing weather and stormy seas and even being a Commander on the go with your tablet. So don’t worry – you’ll still get the Battlefield 4 experience on current- gen consoles. We know a lot of our players will be playing on those systems, so we’re taking the time to make sure it’s just as great an experience as it will be on next-gen. Until next time… Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other Friday for answers, gameplay previews, and more. Next time we’ll be answering questions about Battlelog and Current/Next-Gen, as well as any other burning questions. What questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below. Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order now and get the China Rising expansion at no additional cost. View the full article
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