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i27 LAN - Sign-ups open


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Hey All!!!



I am all signed up and paid for etc...



I will write the an email soon to make sure I am sitting in the correct place...Next to the Booth Babes!!! lol I am signed up in the AA section as last time...


Come on get signed up!


c u there - Psy


Excellent - you & I need to have a chat - can you find me in IRC or TS so we can sort out some stuff. Thanks.

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Get me proof that GRAW is coming out before the LAN party and i'm there dude :D Show me the evidence:confused: plz



Not proof G but ubi website is saying March 06 release, but if any one else knows I would like to know as well:smile:


Also checked some of the sites I buy my games from and they have the release date as 31/03/06

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