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Help Buying Memory

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Hey guys i am currently building my new gaming pc (tis my 1st time building one) but i got so far and need any help i can get. I need to buy some memory for my computer (2x 1Ghz) but i dont know which type to get. it says in my mother board book that the memory slots can hold


4x 184-pin DDR DIMM for single/dual channel DDR 400/333/266


I searched the net and find there are all different types of memory. Can anybody give me a link to a page with these memory modules on (preferbly with a add to shopping cart button so that i dont have to search the site myself cos this just gets me back to square 1 again lol)


My new Computer so far has the following:


System Case

I-Cute 0314TL-BB ATX Gaming Case


Mother Board

Abit Fatal1ty AN8-SLI



AMD (San Diego) Athlon 64bit 4000+ 939pin 1mb L2cache


Thanks for any help guys

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Make sure you know that the memory you are buying is truly compatible with your motherboard.


I owned an ASUS mobo which was so particular about RAM that I couldn't use the 2x512Mb dimms I had purchased.


As mentioned above THE best sites to check is 'Crucial', where you can make use of their Memory Advisor (also linked above) All you have to do is select manufacturer, mobo etc and a list of Crucial compatible dimms will be displayed.


They are only slightly more expensive than your local shop, but if the memory they advise does not work then you get a full refund, no questions asked - how many other places will offer that?!


Even if you don't want to buy from them you can take down all the data such as CAS, voltage etc and use it to shop around.


Good luck.


ps. I'm also building another games machine at the moment - based around the MSI Diamond Plus, which has true x16 PCI graphics on both SLI slots (normally the second slot is way lower), I'm going to bang on an Ath64 X2 4200+ to start, 2Gb of Ram and two 256Mb 6800GS PCIE Cards just to see how the baby runs.. then make changes as required.


Enjoy your build - and make sure you have an anti-static wrist band; at £3 or so they can save you an awful lot of heartache (blowing your chip).

Remember! It's not that you need to be earthed as many people make the mistake of assuming, but the fact that you have to be AT THE SAME POTENTIAL as the PC you are building, so as not to create a massive potential difference across the components. Connect yourself to the metal case and you should be okay..


Here endeth the basic electronics lesson for today. :blink:

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