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What kind of music do you like?


I like all kind of music except for hardcore. I love hardstyle, but hardcore gives me headache. I Especially love dance music.


For example:


Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit


You can listen to it on: _TAAL,P_NAV,P_CHA_TY,P_CHA_ID,P_NIE_ID,P_PAG,P_ID,P_TY,P_SUB:NL,ARTIST,N,9,553,1,10600,TU'>http://main.dance-tunes.com/idt/f?p=300:1:6126847435585764156::::P_TAAL,P_NAV,P_CHA_TY,P_CHA_ID,P_NIE_ID,P_PAG,P_ID,P_TY,P_SUB:NL,ARTIST,N,9,553,1,10600,TU,


Or simply on: http://www.dance-tunes.com (it's in the download top 10)




Now it's your turn. Tell me what kind of music you like.

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