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This is a free web-base online football management game. It doesn’t mean you need to know much about football to play. The Game basically consists of training players (players bought or pulled from the youth team) then selling them at their peak value and use that money to improve other areas of the pitch. It’s a pretty slow game, two games played a week (Tuesdays friendly’s/cup matches and Sundays are league matches) players gain training from playing matches. So therefore you should have two squads a league squad and cup/friendly squad this will maximise your training (which is basically the whole point of the game).


Cool Features


-Transfer market, this is similar to eBay (except more time is added when bid is placed close to final bidding time, 2min).


-2D match viewer. The hattrick match viewer is text based but some one has written a program which generates 2D animations which is really good.


-Real betting features added




The Game is very long term (similar to role playing times) but it isn’t that demanding of time, just requires you to login in a few times a week.


I did have a good team, but if you don’t log in with in a month then your account is closed, so I’ve created a new team and awaiting a league to be allocated to me (which can take a week).


We can’t join the same leagues, but we can arrange friendly’s which is always fun.



If you interested, here’s the hattrick.wiki link, I suggest you up on it because theres a lot of important aspects you need to master.





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Pro evo isn’t a manager game. This is more of a business game, every one has to start from scratch even people very knowledgeable in football management games. The way this game is designed, it’s more like a role-play game with football as a theme and because is slow, it’s not at all demanding, making it fun. It’s more about balancing your books (hiring staff etc) buying the right players (there’s a lot of guide for this game) and selling them at the right price. A lot of people play this game and don’t even like football. More like SIM-football

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