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Nooooooooo, my guitar is broken...


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What a stupid day, firstly i had a bad day in school and secondly my guitar broke, it just fell down and crash....

here are some pics












i need a new (western) guitar, so maybe anyone of you can send me a link where to get a good one, or give me tips for it...(especially tweak):)

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ye, i am stone-cold faced hahaha

i cant get a loughy face at all :D:D

dude, this guitar will have some painful

sessions....or is it my friend who get???

we will see :D i think he will have to

get some free time at school if he lies in hospital!!!

lol, this foolish guy, it was my brother's guitar though :(

but i dont have to fear anything :D its not me whos

gonna get some trouble...

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