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UT3 v1.2 Patch Released

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The final version of the v1.20 patch for Unreal Tournament 3 has been released.




Changelog (long):

Version 1.2





- Increased UTGame MaxPlayersAllowed to 64.


- Fixed leviathan turret instant refire exploit.


- Fixed errant lock on warnings when no longer in vehicle.


- Fixed first person weapons in demo playback.


- Fixed translocator telefrag victim message.


- Fixed encouragement sounds not being randomly picked by bots.


- Implemented viewobjective spectating system for Warfare.


- Fixed berserk held by driver applying to all vehicle turrets.


- Only force low gore on German versions that were low gore only before being patched.


- Fix for unnecessary content staying in memory on seamless travel.


- Fixed shaped charge node exploit.


- Fixed the Scavenger exploit.



User Interface:


- Clicking on the settings tab goes to directly to the full settings menu.


- Added VOIP speaker portraits to HUD.


- Fixed character portraits sometimes not showing up on HUD or not staying up long enough.


- The Host server menus will no longer disable internet options if CheckNatTypeDisplayError returns true. It's just a warning now.


- Fixed the CD key always prompting when the user has no network card


- Added support for commandline log in -login=xxx -password=xxx. This also allows Gamespy comrade and other external applications to be used to launch network clients.


- Added UI option to hide objective paths (the white arrows).


- Added UI option to enable joystick support.


- Added JOIN to midgame menu when spectating.


- Added cancel button to "logging in" message box.


- Added support for auto-updating UI with new options.


- Improved language support for French, Spanish, Italian, and German.


- Joystick key bindings in UI display properly.


- Added game and UI support for customizing crosshair scaling.


- Added "Add Favorite" button to Server Browser server list tab.


- Fixed favorites Tab Page server details not updating.


- Improvements to voice menu. Added "status" section.


- Leave "Disconnect" and "Exit Game" on the mid game menu when seamlessly travelling so that players have a way to abort lengthy downloads


- Show "Change Team" button before the match has started.


- Added support for localized "single score needed" string.


- Tweaked some HUD message font sizes.


- Favorites/History lists list servers that are currently offline.


- Favorites/History lists don't stop working as the number of servers in them crosses max threshold for GS query.


- Fix for end of round scoreboard displaying extra "Player" bots.


- Fixed leviathan deploy icon positioning.





- Added support for autodownloading packages while in gameplay or while travelling.


- Auto team re-balancing before map transition if bPlayersBalanceTeams is set.


- Fixed dedicated server memory leaks.


- Force client state synchronization when in spectating state. Fixes sporadic issues with players not being able to join games.


- Fixed sounds not being heard correctly by clients if the sound location is the Actor's location and the Actor is not relevant to that client.


- Fixed spectators being unable to move after a level transition.


- Fixed track turrets being in the wrong position on clients in some cases after being destroyed.


- ConnectionTimeout and InitialConnectTimeOut now both 60.0. Addresses both clients failing connection because they take too long to load a level, and initial connections staying open too long.


- Fixed HTTP download compression.


- Fixed a bug where download during seamless travel would break because the downloader was keeping a pointer into the package map's list, which is unsafe while the game is in progress because that list could have more items added to it (and thus the memory rearranged) at any time


- Fixed a bug where in rare cases packages would get downloaded twice.


- Fixed spectators able to enter as extra players in Duel.


- Fixed issue where CTF, vCTF, and WAR maps are listed in the server browers when searching for a DM game when server changed gametypes.


- Fixed bots not replicating their view pitch, so their animation looks better in net games.


- Strip OwningPlayerName= from the URL, as this is determined elsewhere and was breaking dedicated internet servers launched from the UI.


- Fixed package downloading not moving on to the next download method if it successfully downloads the file, but that file is not the version that the server is requesting.


- Fixed client crash if the user disconnects while downloading a file during a seamless travel.



Server administration:


- TCPLink and Webadmin functionality implemented.


- Banning is now based on CD key hash, so players can

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