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Well today is the official release day of windows 7 to the public, I however, had my 2 copies of Win7 Home Premium delivered on Monday 19th - which is great as they kept sending me emails that it wouldnt be shipped until release day and I wouldnt get it for 5-7 days!!


Nice job PC World pre-orders... :)


Havent managed to install it yet on any of my PC's, but will be sticking it on the laptop 1st this weekend and then getting OpFlash - DR back onto it.

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can it run in a light version using minimul CPU power or atleast tone down all the flashy fading etc.. ?


i dont really care what my operating system looks like as long as it does not take away from my pc performace mazimizing software potentials.

You can turn off all the aero stuff if you want - although as you have a nice gfx card - it wont really matter - will run totally fine I would think. :)

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