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You guys are being too kind!

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WTH, I mean wtf, come on what is it with this pile of mush?


You Tuggers here must have a lot of pent up anger about this awful game, I'm suprised you havent ripped into it far more on these forums, the only patch that will fix this game is gonna be like 800meg to download to fix everything that I can see is wrong with it.


I really don't honestly know where to start with it, if I just say that it is totally terrible and just list it's good points because everything else about it sucks:


-Single player campaign was ok but too damn short.

-Visually it's looks great.

-AI seemed smart...sometimes.

-Map as much as you get to see looks great.


That's pretty much it, I bought it on the day for the full whacking £34.99 and feel totally ripped off.


Now I know the world's changed a lot for the worse since the original Operation Flash came out but I really had put a lot of hope into this game due to it's history. Normally modding would be the answer but it appears to have so many limitations that I doubt if it savable, unless you just use the game for creating small op simple missions.



Anyway see you online, fingers crossed for dedicated servers, I might actually find some of you out there.

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I understand your anger...


i was very disapointed my self when i saw how little time was give to making it a proper PC game.




its the only new release game that has any potential of being worth playing at the moment so i think thats why we are giving it a chance.


i was really looking forward to getting back on a properly maintained and run dedicated server, so we could all get online together. That does not look like it will happen soon, so in the mean time im just mucking about on flashpoint realy, hoping that the they will listen to the PC community and use some of the massive potential that this game has got (all be it mostly un useable at the moment).

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Hi old friend yea we are deeply agry and upset i know you been waiting many years to get your hands on this with your moding side of it but dont hold your breath for dedi servers sion from CM said no at the moment they got there money out of everyone now and word is going around about not this patch but the main one few months time might be charging but cant see that they would be just cutting there own hand off and with the bad press lately against them :P .

There few people now putting modded games up which if you goto dragon rising forums they putting there link up

and with cheaters on the big rise now theres many of them sorry to say just when you log into opflash again look at the leader board lol have a joke :P

see you around soon m8 and drop a email again or any ts details or join ours :)

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Hey Mr Biffa, you might be a bit right about that, but its getting the benefit of the doubt for now.


The engine itself is great, as was the FC2 engine and I just hope that CM realise that they could catch alot of modders into this game if they released dedicated server files, especially after all the poo that Infinity Ward has been spouting about MW2 and NO SERVERS...


The mission editor seems pretty good to use and seems to have alot of scope for making some good stuff, but obviously without a dedicated server/home to call our own, its very difficult to get that content out there for everyone to come and play with us.


OpDR uses the same middleware from Quazal that FC2 used as far as I know, and there was the ability to proper dedicated servers with that out of the box and they even released fixes/patches with added dedicated server functionality, so its not without the realms of fantasy that CM could do the same and give us DEDICATED SERVER options - it does say on the box afterall that Dedicated Host with 3mbs for 32 players is recommended!!


For me, the game is fun, it has GREAT potential, lets hope the patches add further functionality to the Editor and the game.


Imagine making the old Firefight missions or doing all the old stuff from original GR in this nice new engine?? :)

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