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Congrats RootDogg (and Melon and Andy and Ozzy)!


You in College, now you have to study as well as party - a hard learning curve...!



..oh, and you are wrong as most of the guys in this Forum are involved in IT or related in some way, so do know what a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology is!


..although when I went to University, we didn't have the technology you have now, and IT was still an abacuss...! ;)

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Originally posted by .TuG.G*Force@Sep 1 2005, 04:10 PM

I sit at yer old desk now AK B) And i've got G R on me PC :lol:



lol.. no way! has it still got the renault 5 GTT screen saver and wallpaper?


got GR on it! :o lol.. I used to have detla force installed :lol: I think there still might be a games emluator on there ;)

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