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Im gonna contact all the major european clans and inform them about Obsidian Edge 2 for Crysis. Heres my current list, please add if you know of any more (I only want teams who have been going since at least graw 1):


vU = http://www.viribusunitis.se

= cod4 server-


KFORF = http://www.kforf.co.uk/

= cod4 server-


FC = http://teamfrenchconnection.free.fr/nuked_klan_176/nk/

= cod4 server-


WD13th = http://www.wd13th.com/2006/index.php


FTK = http://www.fulltimekillers.co.uk/


SG.NLY = http://www.sgnly.it


GG = http://www.germany-ghosts.de


TAN = http://www.tanatos.net


SWEX = http://www.swex.tk


CCI = http://www.cci-clan.co.uk


CLONES = http://www.cloneclan.com/


BPR = http://www.british-paras.com/


HI - web site down


I also was thinking about creating a tactical clan table (website), showing URL's info, matches/scrims for european clans + a forum. Then we could easily inform each of new developments.

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