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TuG BF2 Server - Set-up Discussion


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OK guys, lets use this thread to talk about the map rotations & set-ups on the BF2 server.


I know alot of us old school GR players prefer the CQB & Squad based aspects of gaming, so it might be relevant to keep the map sizes to the 16 slots - although on some maps this will remove the planes & choppers, which may be an issue as some like to fly. :D


It's been a while since we played BF2 and I'm rusty on what works with the set-ups & what doesnt - we do however have the BF2CC tool available to admin the server!


So things we need to sort out are:


1. Do we keep ranked at 20 slots or reduce it to 16?

(20 slots requires 6 players to start a round)


2. What map rotation?


3. What ticket/time settings?

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Keep it at 20 I think (less than 6 players isn't much fun with the map sizes anyway), have 1 round on each map try and get a mix of the city maps (less planes) with the more open ones.





I agree - 1 round on each map is more than enough at 25mins per round (unless the flags are capped quickly).


I'll be posting all the map overlays later tonight and a list of what vehicles are available on each.


Right now, some of the maps in my mind are:


Wake Island 2007 (32 - Attack Choppers/Planes/Tanks/Humvees)

Mashtuur City (32 - Troop Choppers/Tanks/Humvees)

Strike At Karkand - No Planes or Choppers/Tanks/Humvees)

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Im currently downloading the Project Reality mod :







I'm gonna test it for a while on other servers (knowing its difficult to get the server code). Maybe i'll be able to get a few kills with a rifle.


Kill Indicator Removed (e.g. Player A has killed Player B)

-Eliminate Enemy Indicator

-Realistic Ballistics (Bullet Drop, Speed, ROF)

-Longer Spawn Times (So hold on to your life)

-Realistic Damage (Goal is that damage to different hitboxes has different outcomes)

-New, Less Intrusive Head-Up-Display

-Optical Zoom for Apc's and Tanks

-Night maps & Night Vision Goggles

-Sabot and Heat Rounds for Armor

-Slug and Buckshot Shells for Shotguns

- Blood and Bleeding

-AAS (Advance and Secure) Mode

-Extraction Mode

-New and Reworked Classes

-New Sound Effects

-New Weapons of all Types

-Squad-Based Kit Request System (limiting the powerful kits, such as Heavy Anti-Tank, Sniper, Anti-Air and Support

-New Vehicles

-Addition of British Forces

-Addition of Insurgent Forces

-22 New Maps (Not including night time versions of new or existing BF2 maps)

And Much More to Come...



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