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I'm back..


Rags - very simple to include Pafiledb into php-nuke system.


Install pafiledb into its own folder on your host then I created my own Pafiledb folder in the php-nuke 'modules' folder and created an 'index.php' which uses an I-Frame to display the file database.


I have attached a zip file containing the folder which you should extract and place in your modules folder - then go and edit the index.php file to put your own link and title in it.


Let me know how you go. :)


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hmmmmm :(


i have create a folder ind mondules with name : pafiledb and place your file index.php


i have create a folder ind my root whit name pafiledb whit i load the dl-mondu in.


i have make the url in index.php to "../../pafiledb/pafiledb.php"


but it stil dont work.


http://www.davk.dk/pafiledb/pafiledb.php <-- the link to the dl-system and there it works.


hope you can help... ;)

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ok, I spotted the problem straight away.


Your site is using Post-Nuke - my site is using PHP-Nuke.


Thats why when you use my index.php in the modules folder - it gives you the errors.


You will need to supply me with and index.php from 1 of the Post-Nuke modules - that I can then look at and add the correct code to access PaFileDB.


The best thing to do is ZIP the .php file and then attach it to this thread on the forum. :)

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