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The Unknown Ghosts

Testing a new skin...


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Changed it back to the default skin - was starting to hurt my eyes. :(


Will keep on the lookout for some others to try - although I have seen a few nice ones for about 30$ - here:




I can get a 2 for 1 too. :) - http://www.extremepixels.com/phpBB_promo.php


Which one u like? (must be 2.0.1 skin)


I like Ambience & Fusion...

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The 3rd skin is now upload to the forum: Ambience


You guys now have a choice of 3 skins - just take a look at thr bottom left of the forum & you'll notice a drop down box to select your skin view for the forum.


I'll be updating each header/logo with a modified TUG banner to fit each scheme.


1. Default IPB 2.0.1

2. Ambience

3. Fusion



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