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Few questions/Paar vragen


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Here are a few things I would like to mention. I am really happy being in this clan because I am english but have lived in Holland for 12 years so I understand EVERYTHING (except a few fragments of random dutch, online-created slang) on the server and I get a really nice ping on the server. I was at work today and I had a creeping suspicion that at least one of my colleagues plays css and must at least be on our server. So I was wondering, what are your ages, full names general areas you guys live in, your profession (if any). You don't have to say any of this, im just curious. I'll start.


I'm 16 Live in t'Gooi, Eemnes (North of Holland for all of you that don't know it) and here's the funny bit that I will regret saying to all of you but will tell you anyway because I am going to quit soon......


I WORK IN ALBERT HEIJN in Laren (supermarket for all that don't know it) :lol::lol:


Now what about you guys?

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Er zijn een paar dingen die ik wil vragen. Ik ben heel blij dat ik in dit clan zit omdat Ik ben Engels maar ik heb in NL gewoond voor 12 Jaar en ik begrijp bijna alles op ons server of forums. Ik zat aan het werken vandaag en ik dacht dat teminste 1 van mijn collegas moesten css spelen. Dus ik wil even vragen, wat zijn jullie leeftijden, volle namen, regios waarin jullie woonen, jullie werk (als je dat heeft). Als je een van deze niet willen zeggen dan dat hoeft niet, ik ben alleen een beetje curieus. Ik zal beginnen. Ik ben 16 jaar oud, ik woon in 't Gooi, Eemnes. En.... EN (hier is het stukje die jullie allemaal gaan erover lachen maar ik zeg het gewoon omdat ik ga wel stoppen eigenlijk..)

IK WERK IN ALBERT HEIJN (en nee ik ga geen korting aan jullie geven, of die kut zomer zegels of wat dan ook.)


En jullie mensen dan?

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English - only speak english


I am 16 and live in a town called newark near grantham!

i work at homebase in newark!

i am starting college soon

i am NOT a chav!

been playing games for 5 years now


i like to pwn


and i am currently out of gaming cus i am upgrading me pc and stuff ain't come yet

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Im 16 and live in a town called Grantham, near Rootdogg (United Kingdom)


Ive been playing online games for 3 years now and i have been through my fair share of them.


Ive been playing CSS and BF2 since there release dates and started playing CS on version 1.4 (against PodBots <_< )


ive just finished school and am awaiting my GCSE Results. I start collage in september.

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Hello hello,

I'm from The hague near Scheveningen thats in The Netherlands :P

I'm a dishwasher in an restaurant, its a nice jobb, all night free dinning

and drinks :D.

I do an Sport college where i;m studding to be an Gym teacher in every kind of way.

I also do agressive skating as you saw on the picture on my topic,

Flying, Grinding and flips :D


See yah arround



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Not to sure if I can answer this thread but i`m here now might as well ..lol


Female, mother of two girls, married for 2 years but with him for 16 years, Driving Instructor with my own school. (omg .TuG.Bulldog will have to have a natter with u) cos I not met many other ADI`s on online gaming forums ..lol


Live in Scotland UK Glasgow area, but moving over to Canada as soon as the CHIC gets their butts in gear with the Visa`s..


Oh and my age..........err don`t think so :blush:



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