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Hey all,


If any of you remember I am going to be hosting a lan in Hilversum, Holland (yeah I meant it) and I got pretty much all of the equipment now. I am ready to set the date but I have a few questions that I think you tugs will probably have answers for. so...


1. I have several pcs that have been acquired for the lan and they are ready for config but I want to know. For games like CS:S, UT2K4, C&C:ZH and maybe red orchestra (but must see how popular it gets and stuff.) what kind of speed CPU would be needed, what amount of RAM and anything else. I was told (and I beleive that it's right) that CPU isn't that important for servers as they are just linking information and configs, etc. RAM apparently 512 is mroe than enough for a server. Can anyone verify this and what have I forgotten?


2. For CS:S I was wondering, would it be possible to add statsme or some kind of stat logger? I remember in the old TuG site there were stats on some kind of page that displayed skill points, most headshots, most bomb defuses, most saved hostages, etc. I would like to hand out prizes for most headshots and highest ranking (statsme) but how can this be added without installing linux (I can't be bothered with tha much work even though there are plenty of sites on dedicated linux css servers.)


3. I have configs for CS:S but does anyone know any good configs for the other games?


4. I would like to have a TV source kinda thing on the servers, will it be fine to simply set up one rig to spectate like normal or how is it done on the match server?


5. Do any of you want to come? :P I am hoping that most of you Dutch ppl will be coming, Hilversum isn't hard to get to and the place I am holding the lan isn't far from the station (walking distance.) It'll be good to get a bunch of TuGs there to pwn in all the games there, I can play UT2K4 decently and CS:S depends on the day. I seem to remeber someone from tug saying something about C&C regional champion :D would be good to have one of those handy.


Please any feedback is good.



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Nice work man!!!


I know allot about CS:S but not yet all the server settings and stats ( Beaver can help you for sure!! because he knows everything about everything i think:biggrin: )


So lets get straight to point 5. ;)


I really would like to come but i have to know some date/time/location info if i got that u can sign me in for sure ( i have to know so i can change my working date's and it better not be in the mid week because else i have to go to school :frown:) I'll ask all the other players to come 2 :D and maybe some [MAD] ppl can come to ( hehe how many places u got because maybe we'er allready full if we come :P)



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Full? hehe I think not, I got 3 24-port switches and a whole gym so about 65 ppl max :P. Well It is going to be on a saturday for sure, there will be 4 servers, and 2 admin pcs minimum, 1-4 projectors, sound system, could get a band (decent one from school) to play during arrivals and closing but I don't think it's necessary. There will be one large gym for about 80 ppl (including staff) if we are completely full and another gym for food and spectating, and other games like handhelds, consoles, etc (need to put them somewhere :D), everything is BYOS (Bring Your Own Shi...Stuff.) Yeah will be good to invite MAD and other dutch ppl. If some of you dutch ppl who are in GR want I could prolly set up a server for that :P. There is not really any set games, its just that there are provided servers and tournament ladders for some games. invite all Dutch ppl you know who like gaming. If they are interested then tell them to e-mail me (joyinho@gmail.com) the site should be up soon with info on dates/times/parking/etc. I need as many people as possible. Though I'm fraid I'm gonna have to ask people to pay bout 4 min to max 12 EUR to cover the costs. I wil have to check prices, cause we spent money on switches, CAT5 cables, etc but I will make it as cheap as possible.

You think Mark n donkey wil be able to come. Should be around en april.

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Sounds fun m8!!!'you can say im counting the days till...:P

I think i can get some ppl just need to know some info before

i can ask them for sure i will represent that there's comming

a cool lan party where im going to ;).

So now i just w8 untill the info :D.


Is there something i can do for you??

I can make kind of Digital Flyer to put on our webside and send

them to ppl who love to play CS:S.


I think its resonable to put a ticket price on it like you said 12,- ? or maybe 15,- till 20,- ??


Catch yah ltrs m8,



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Sam- That would be cool :D I also talked with a couple ppl and there are some places that I will be able to leave flyers, get them handed out, etc. Well I haven't designed the site yet I'll prolly just get someone to make some nice background and menu pics and then get my bro to make a site of it. Needs to look good. I'll try and get all of the dates and info and maybe site done this weekend but I'll have to see a lot of things.. Well sounds good. If we get enough TuGs we can get challenges :D Will also be other games so I need to practise those games too. Like UT2k4 I'll also be playing (not as much as css of course.)


Tass- um I think it will be either end april or beginning may, will be good if you can come.


Which cities you guys live in?


I met some guy in hsum who i play css with sometimes now I could prolly get him to get ppl and he comes prolly too :D.


I'll keep you all updated.

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When you send me the info i'll make a nice flyer m8,

I allso talked to [MAD] Chase (Frank) and he will announce it

to his team and he said he would do his best to come:biggrin:.






TheOne------(Murphey)-Den Haag

Sambrouwers-(Sam)-----Den Haag


This are the PPL who know which city and they said to me they think they will come ;).


Good Luck m8!!!



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wellllltomorow i have solicitation :P i dont know how to typ in english do i just made up a word maybe its goeed hahaha


wel my solicitation is for me to go into to army ( ....yep )


artilery in the army hehe

so maybe i am on the place to train and stuff you know like sport's etc:


but if i am not there and i am @ home i dont give a F**K if you guys gonno play till nesxt morning because i wil freaking join je guys till the next morning hehehe :D and then i say goodbye i take to train and go back to the base


i hope you guys understand what i just typ't above

if not.......then......:P ask a dutch guy :D




SAM my name is with the a not the e lol hehehehee :D



look messege above this one :)

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I was told (and I beleive that it's right) that CPU isn't that important for servers as they are just linking information and configs..




Game Server:


Game servers dedicated for public consumption often need to be powerful machines. The goal is to provide a positive gaming experience for gamers who choose to play on your servers, and the mechanics should be transparent to them. That means the server has to run the game without a hitch.

Hardware depends on the game - HL2 is CPU intensive, CoD, GR etc are not so bad.

Fast Hard drives are also good to have for a server, but PING is the most important for fast gameplay as we all know.


I'd recommend a minimum of a P4 2Ghz and 512Kb-1Gb of Ram.


Edit: Just ask Beaver about the specs of the .TuG. Amsterdam servers to get an idea of just how much CPU power is needed to 'send out' some of today's games.. If it only took an average machine then we'd all be hosting our own BF2 servers from home and nobody would make any money from 'hosting'.



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kk cloud I think I kinda understood that. We'll today I'm gonna be talking to people and getting dates sorted if possible so I'll prolly prolly be back later tonight with details. Tantalus so how fast a hard drive would you recommend, cause how much will this affect the ping?

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I got most of the servers in and I don't think that there will be any problem :) I got 3 IBM xSeries 226. In general they are:


3.0-3.4 GHz Intel Xeon


512 MB RAM (can be expanded to 16GB RAM :o though I think realistically there is only max 2GB cards so will be 12GB still :o)


ATI RADEON 7000M IGP (dunno guess it'll be fine)



The only problem is that they don't have any hard drives as they are brand new and come by standard with no hard drives so My friend who got the servers is gonna go and get some hard drives and other random equipment shoved into them by some guy who works at the office. Should be good. Now just a lot of config to be done. I will have 4 servers minimum by the end and I think we will easily have 6.


In general games I was thinking of hosting are as follows:


CS 1.6




Warcraft 3:Frozen Throne

Joint operations/Red Ochestra/BF2


The last line is the games so far that might be hosted, I need to choose one, suggestions welcome. I was thinking BF2 because ppl play it but some ppl have slower pcs so... Red orchestra I really aren't sure yet, sounds good from what I've heard, and Joint Ops apparently is easy to distribute along a network.


There will be ladders for 2 games minimum. I was wondering, how can I regulate whether the people won fairly, etc, cause I'm not gonna have all matches hosted over our servers, I think that'd be to much right? I was thinking that everyone make their own listening servers and then just pair up with their opponents. Well I guess it would usually run properly by itself and I could make ppl make a demo per match just so tha if anyone is accused then we can have a look.


There is a problem that i am having with CSS configuration. I have installed mani admin-plugin so that it runs on listening servers that I create, but then when I add my steam ID to the admin list it doesn't work. I tried useind my admin-binded key but it says that I'm not an admin, I looked it up and then I found out that the server.cfg is run when there is a map change so I set the round limit low so that there was a map change but it stil doesn't work. I also have a problem with the server.cfg file as it is not the server set up that I put in that file when I start a listening ordedicated server, "How do I run the server.cfg file??? :confused::confused:" help would be very much appreciated.

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kk ah i see the problem :P it exceeds the file size so lemme sort it. There now its a crappy looking text file :P well just make a cool design and I'll sort out the rest of the details. Thanks for helping out. In my school we have to do "vrijwillegers werk" on our course, if you need the same thing then you can get some for helping with the flyer and also I can say you helped out on the day :P Tassadus it is in Hilversum, will be good if you can come.

flyer details for sam.txt

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