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Armed Assault, obviously.

Rainbow 6, Las Vegas.

Wainting patiently for Half Life Episode 2 as well.

Next year probably STALKER, Assasins Creed and Crysis. Quilte looking forward to Unreal Tournement 2007 too. At he moment I'm playing Call of Juarez and Fear (again!). I also love Oblivion but it takes up too much time.

I play Company of Heros too. And yes. Tiger Woods Games are cool.

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Just been playing R6 Las Vegas in GAME on the XBox 360 in my lunch hour. It looks REALLY similar to GRAW on the outdoor levels. The indoor bits are more realistic almost like Raven Shield. It seems they've combined the two types of engine so as to make it a competant game indoors as well as outdoors.

This game could be really huge if the PC version is up to scratch!!!

the tactical challenge of outdoor and indoor gun battles at the same time could be really good.

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