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The Unknown Ghosts

Stalker 2

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Will/Has anyone played it? And have they fixed the multiplayer?


do u mean S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky the a new addon for the mean game !





Special Features

* 10 hours of the main plotline gameplay

* 5 completely new levels - Swamps, Red Forest, Ruined Hospital, Limansk and Military Ordnance Yard

* 8 significantly re-designed levels from the original game - Cordon, Garbage, Dark Valley, Agroprom, Agroprom, Undergrounds, Yantar, Military and Station

* Weapon and armor upgrades

* Possibility to fix weapons

* Updated concepts of anomalies and artifacts - rare anomalies cannot be seen and are discovered using detectors

* 36 weapon types

* 4 multiplayer game modes

* 12 multiplayer maps


also this met help ya from comment on the play.com


Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars very impressed, worth waiting for


aerosmither | 09/09/2008 | See all aerosmither's reviews (1)

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Must be good as they have had to patch it ?? :(



Anyhow, a patch has arrived which has;



MultiSample Anti Aliasing

Added use of special cover during fights.

Improved dynamic lighting.

Changes to combat balance: some enemies are now stronger.

Changes to economic balance.

Added secondary objectives.

Changed some animations in the multiplayer.

Improved sorting of secondary objectives in the PDA.

Added the ability to communicate with storyline characters, squad leaders and guides without holstering weapons.

Added description of stash contents when purchasing information about the stash.

Added additional information to pop-up tips in the PDA.

Changed traders' item stocks in certain areas.

Changed life simulation balance (event intensity, mutant strength).

Added the opportunity to get your items back after being mugged at the Garbage. Only part of your money is now taken when you enter/leave the Garbage.

Added rewards for joining factions.

Changed the PDA log message filtering system.

Added flares in Limansk and the Red Forest.

Increased reward for capturing enemy bases in the Faction War.

Save/load file names can no longer contain brackets.

Added use of localized strings in game console, chat etc.



Game optimization (approximately 5% improvement).

Overall game stability improved considerably.

Fixed errors in saving the game, which caused consistent crashes during long games.

Game loading speed increased by 10-15%.

Fixed error with the emission.


Fixed error which caused characters to run around with activated grenades in their hands.

Fixed random enabling of music which had been disabled in settings.

Fixed stash errors, including incorrect saving and accumulation (disappearance) of items in stashes.

Fixed error with automatic failure of a number of objectives, which prevented them from failing.

Fixed errors in some secondary quests.

Fixed the guide algorithm. Guides can now take you to more locations.

Fixed an error which caused the player to become an enemy of Clear Sky.

Fixed the player's starting position when entering areas.

Fixed errors in the response of detectors to anomalies and artifacts. The detector no longer responds to artifacts it can't detect.

Fixed reward at the Duty base.

Fixed minor issues in the PDA interface and in the multiplayer main menu.

Fixed errors which caused the game to crash when the player joined Duty.

Fixed minor bugs in mutant behavior after death (vanishing corpses, continuing animations).

Fixed appearance of items in crates owned by camps.

Fixed tree penetrability, including the ability to be penetrated by machine gun fire.

Improved visual presentation of some anomalous areas.

Fixed appearance of some Freedom stalkers.

Fixed some text errors.

Fixed errors which made it impossible to upgrade some items.

Fixed the error which made it impossible to use grenades in the player's inventory.

Characters no longer give out secondary objectives during camp attacks and defense.

Some traders now sell upgraded weapons.

Added places to hide from emissions in the Dark Valley.

Fixed an error with detector activation from the inventory.

Fixed FPS drop in the main menu.

Fixed double super-sampling buffering.

Fixed bug with night vision effect which remained after the suit which provided it was removed.

Fixed font display in DX10.

Fixed errors in key assignment in game options.

Fixed team history in the console following log clearance.



Added the Repair Base map

Changed multiplayer balance.

Fixed health indicator bug caused by using medkits while invulnerable.

Fixed inventory opening bug, which occurred when the player died in DM, TDM and AH modes.

Fixed the bug which caused a pause after client connection.

Buy menu improved.

Fixed BattlEye support.

Fixed patching system.

Fixed incorrect error message.

Fixed error with movement of items in the backpack.

Fixed first bullet dispersion.


Insert the disk and then click updates, it'll come up with the 1.5.03 patch.

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Oh i mean two patches i must be great


Yet another patch; 1.5.04



- added stamina indicator to HUD.

- added ability to move ammo from the container to the inventory and back by double-clicking.

- added game autosave after intro cut scene.

- added items to secret locations in the Swamps level.

- added ability for the Duty technician to upgrade exoskeletons.

- added ability for the Freedom technician to upgrade AC-96/2.


- increase the amount of money the Bandit faction trader has.

- considerably increased the likelihood of getting a "return item" job at the Cordon, Agroprom and Military Warehouses.

- removed machine gunner and sniper invulnerability at the Deserted Hospital level.

- during emissions the player no longer loses control if he is in cover.

- increased monster vulnerability to grenades.

- fixed ammo and armor prices.


- fixed error related to a large number of ammo in crates in camps, which caused a crash due to excessive identifiers.

- fixed error which damaged save game files after switching between them in the loading menu, which caused various random errors while playing.

- fixed error which caused the Bandit faction trader to take money from the player for completing the "Take over the flea market together with the bandits" job, instead of giving him money.

- fixed error which prevented the main mission from appearing in the Limansk level if the player entered it from the Red Forest level before completing the "Help Clear Sky capture the bridge" job.

- fixed error which caused the situation during the "Help Clear Sky capture the bridge" job to be saved incorrectly.

- fixed error which caused a crash during the conversation with the Freedom squad leader near the mercenary base.

- fixed an incorrect patrol route at the Military Warehouses level, which caused crashes.

- fixed error in the Freedom leader dialogue, which caused a crash if the player, having brought back the dead squad's PDA, closed the dialogue window early and then reinitiated the dialogue.

- fixed error in the mugging scene which caused a crash.

- fixed error which caused the Freedom technician to not take his friend's PDA on job completion.

- fixed error which prevented the "Talk to Wild Napr" job from being completed if the diggers had already been freed from the concentration camp.

- fixed error at the Cordon level which allowed the machine gun to continue firing, even after the machine gunner had been killed.

- fixed error which caused a crash at the entrance to the Dark Valley level.

- fixed error at the Dark Valley level which caused a crash if the tunnel at the mercenary base was blown up prematurely.

- fixed several random crash errors.

- fixed some errors in the Faction War.

- fixed error which caused squads to leave control points.

- fixed error which caused a crash when attempting to load the last saved game if there were no saved games.

- fixed error which caused a crash when attempting to throw away a weapon twice using the "Throw away weapon" button with an open inventory.

- fixed error which caused premature activation of level-to-level passages.

- fixed error which prevented the "Kill blind dogs" job from being completed if the digger killed the dogs himself.

- fixed error which made it possible to complete jobs to deliver items even if there weren't as many items as needed, causing a crash.

- fixed error which caused a crash if all members of a squad which gave the player a job died.

- fixed frequent server and client crashes in the multiplayer.

- fixed error which caused weapon mods to disappear if weapons were left at a considerable distance away from the player.

- fixed error which prevented the message informing the player that he is leaving the crow shooting area from disappearing.

- fixed some errors related to emissions, including crash errors.

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Its a good game... i need to get those patches



500W supply

8800GT 512mb


320GB (fast) HD

Foxconn medium range motherboard

Intel core 2 duo, 2x 1.86 GHz




medium graphics

1200x1000 res (1600x1000 screen)



crashes after 5 mins

bug when loading game in agropon research area


Ave. frame rate 38 (22 min , 45 max)



Will patches solve the crashes.


Oh and if your thinking of buying (UK) buy from Zavvi -

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