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New Recruit - .TuGr.Vytal


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Thank you for letting me have a shot at it :)


Again in short, for those who haven't heard of me;


Vytal's the nick, David is the real.

I'm 20 years old and i live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

I am NOT an airline pilot, as Brok states, i'm a chief officer on a tugboat :)

Which means that i will be away every three weeks, for three weeks.

sounds a bit odd, but anyway: three weeks work, three weeks vacation.

it's a nice life.

I play GR:AW, and i started rather recently.

my msn address is daavinci@hotmail.com for those of you who have more burning questions.

furtherly, i can be found (of course) regularly in the .TuG. server.

Hoping to wage war with the lot of you again,



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