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The Unknown Ghosts

New GR:AW Recruit - r0nek


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Hello there,

I joined the ranks of this clan as a recruit for GRAW and hope for GRAW2 and COD4 in the near future.


to give you all some insights on my person here you go an email I've send along with my membership request




I would like to join your GRAW clan because playing any game in a team is a completly different experience than playing it alone and especialy when it comes to a game like GRAW. As it comes to me. I'm rather new to GRAW game. I had it for the past year but only recently started playing it online (like 2 months ago) so I might not be so experienced when it comes solely to my micro and skill in the bases of GRAW. However I'm a experienced teamplayer and online gamer. I've been member of geezergaming (GzR) clan for BF2 in which we have achieved many good in TWL in the meantime I've been also playing AA. Last November I've left GzR and became a member of =GROM= clan where I played BF2142, farcry and AA. Recently I've stoped playing BF series since I do not find this game as fun as I did in the past. I'm older, more experienced and looking for more realism in my games. I think my experience and person can tribute to your clan.



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k dude, ususally training is on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays, but the last time we didnt come together that often because there was the GRAW2 Beta, but i hope this is going to be better now until graw2 comes out...

i am online almost everyday at graw and ts, so just look if you find me there

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