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CoD4 Stats Live!

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Have found a nice stats logging utility for CoD4 and installed it on our website. :)


Stats can be found here:




I am currently importing all the log files from our server since we started it - the current view is just the 1st file so I could see if it worked or not.


What you think?

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Hi Beaver


How often are the Ultrastats updated?

I'll try & do it every week - at the moment it has to be a manual process where I dl the logs from the server and upload them to the website, then run a parsing tool to import it all into the database.


Will probably do them 1st thing on saturday morning. :D

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Rough averages for .TuG. regulars :


No. of Kills per death :


Brok : 1.59

Lok : 1.41

Wins : 1.39

Bran : 1.26

JJUK : 1.21

Tweak : 1.21

DaveAlmigh : 1.13

WIZARD : 1.11

Bulldog : 1.11

Sherriff : 1.09

Atomic : 1.06

Moog : 1

Beaver : 0.96

Bl4ckM4fi4 : 0.92

Gop : 0.90

Breaker : 0.85

ApeX : 0.77

EleMental : 0.75

Crazy : 0.61


to put it into perspective, everyone's favourite ak'r


Silth : 1.87


The K/D ratio is really only relevant to the TDM & Free for all game types though, the other game types allow players to score points for capturing and securing hq's, flag points etc..





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