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The Unknown Ghosts

Happy Birthday Tweak!


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Thanks a lot guys! Just recovered! lol


I spent the day clay pidgeon shooting with the Mrs, you wanna see the bruise on my right shoulder! lol

It was my first go and I scored a very respectable 31 ot of 40 in the shootout and won! :)

Pictures to follow!


I'm currently installing Mass Effect and Warhead! See on for a game later.

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hes not clay pigeon shooting that his local park and someones nicked his car stereo :)


Lol JJ!

I'd need something a bit more powerful than a 12 guage round my way lol.


And yes Dave, it really hurts! There's no getting away from the "slipping" on your shoulder. We had a go at the competition traps, your talking shooting about 9 -10 feet in front of the clay to hit it! lol

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