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The Unknown Ghosts

Members desks!


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Here's my desk.


It may not be completely clear as I had to stand pretty far away in a corner of the room to fit it all in!


Left side is my Shuttle XPC which I use everyday for Internet, Email, Photoshop, etc


Right side is my custom built Gaming Rig on the floor - nothing pretty to look at from the outside, but it has great air-flow, is quiet and runs very well.


oh & you'll also notice the 44 inches of widescreen there too. :)


Next month I'm gonna replace my now 3.5 year old Shuttle (Nforce2 chipset/Athlon 3000+/1 gig ddr ram/6600gt 128mb) with a shiny new Core2Duo E8400 beast which should last me for the next 3 years.


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