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CoD4 Stats Updated - 16/06/2008

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Might it be interesting to have a stat reset?


Can the existing stats be archived and start them again from fresh?





It might be interesting, I wonder what everyone else would have to say about a reset! :eek:


I have all the .log files saved off the server from various dates, so we wouldnt lose anything.


Currently the stats show every round thats ever been played on our server since cod4 came out and we started the server.


When would we reset it to?

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I think its a good idea. The stats reflect the learning curve at the start and the time when we were all trying to earn perks and weapons etc.


I think the stats only reward those players that spend every second of their spare time on it as well. But.......it is only a bit of fun so I think it will have to go to a vote.


And it kind of isn't fair for people to lose their acheivements?

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Have updated the CoD4 stats this morning, now includes all the new maps!!


Check out your stats here: TuG Team CoD4 Stats


to make the stats more interesting m8 is to have ultra stats sigs

see wot i mean check this link out


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Seeing as most of us "noobies" are in minus figues, with the exception of a couple of us, why not reset the figures!


Also, as we have NOT actively been on our TuG server recently due to the numbers being down, AND because we need match practice, does anyone think it may be a good idea (and is it possible!) to have the stats run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening only. Radical i know, but it may just bring people back to our server and it gives us a chance to practice on these nights and move the clan along a more disciplined route!


If the stats are being run ONLY on the these nights ,it may generate some interest amongst the clan to get on, on these nights. PLUS it will give a more realistic feedback becuase we will all be in the same boat and the figures wont be biased to players who are on all the time.


I dont know if you are ready for my idea's as they will no doubt be controversial, but what do you guys think? and is this possible Beaver?

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