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The Unknown Ghosts

Combat Arms beta for EU Finaly


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Seems a bit like the America's Army (AA) concept. It won't be taking up any HDD space on my machine.

I'm still in two minds about COD:W@W having read some horrendous reviews and the patch weighing in at over 300MB!?

Does Santa take returns?


this is no were near like AA its 100% better than it, clan options, weapon ssytem a great and best thing is there new weapons and charatiors added so it will kept u going to ages :)


for COD5 its nothing new but its fun in my own opions apart from the XP servers that have 3000 + XP for 1 kill is kinda lame, but its better off on the PS3 or Xb360 atm untill they fix all own bugs

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Been playing this for a few days now and really enjoying it unless you get a channel full of knife hacking, bunny hopping noobs.


Tweak. You up and running yet?? EU signup and download below




Got it sorted today, it plays about twice as fast as COD4. The weapons have no accuracy, you can't lean or go prone. This is NOT a tactical shooter, very dissapointing.

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